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23 May 2018

F1 2018: Monaco Grand Prix track preview & strategy

F1 2018: Monaco Grand Prix track preview &

Mercedes retook the initiative in Spain, but can they keep it at the track that scuppered them last year? Toby Durant explains the part the circuit will play in events.

(Image source: Will Pittenger)

After the chaos of Baku, F1's return to mainland Europe was a disappointment. Lewis Hamilton romped to a comfortable victory in Barcelona, with Valtteri Bottas unchallenged in second place. It was a result that brought flashbacks to 2014, '15, and '16 when the Silver Arrows were untouchable.

This weekend should be more unpredictable as Formula One  returns home (or at least half the drivers do) to the tight streets of Monaco. A playground for the rich and famous, the Principality also hosts the most recognisable track on the calendar. The twists and turns caused real problems for the Mercedes last year, resulting in an easy one-two for Ferrari. Will it be more of the same this time round? Or will we see Red Bull and even McLaren get involved at the front?

Precision or destruction

Monaco is perhaps the biggest challenge for drivers. Nowhere has a lower average speed or closer, more destructive barriers. A millimetre off line can cause the end of of session and a long night for the mechanics.