F1 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Could 2nd or 3rd have won?


You know it’s Baku when there’s debris sprinkled on the track. You know it’s Baku when sparks fly on the opening lap. And there’s hardly a doubt its Baku when a show stopping contest induces a change of guard in the championship race.

As anxiety got the better of Sebastian Vettel in the closing stages, and misfortune hurt Valtteri Bottas who looked nailed on for the win, it was Lewis Hamilton reigned supreme in an accident-fuelled Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

In its third appearance on the schedule, the Baku Street Circuit proved yet again why it’s so highly rated as a venue that adds flavour and thrills to a Formula One season that can be sometimes dulled by monotony.

Before Sunday’s race challenge, championship leader Vettel had two wins and Hamilton had none. But as F1 bids farewell to the Eurasian republic, it is the Brit who leads the championship.

But Sunday’s tumultuous competition leaves us pondering whether the second or third placed drivers have won the race?

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