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20 Dec 2017

2017 F1 driver of the year: #3 – Sebastian Vettel

2017 F1 driver of the year: #3 – Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel showed signs of a hungry champion whose appetite got the better him. That said, here is why you voted him #3 in the RealSport 2017 driver rankings.

(Photo credit: Morio)

Why we watched him in 2017

After an abysmal 2016 campaign, Ferrari were making heads turn as early as the pre-season Barcelona testing. As they kept pace and sometimes even outpaced the dominant Mercedes hybrid power unit, Ferrari fans were already excited to see a cross-team battle for the championship. All eyes were also immediately on the Italian team's premier driver, Sebastian Vettel. 

Right from the start of the season Ferrari and Vettel came out all guns blazing. The German consistently showed signs of a dominating form reminiscent of the days when he reigned supreme with Red Bull Racing whilst winning multiple world championships. However, more than that, Vettel seemed like he was a better driver in terms of skill, race management, and overtaking aggression. 

Not convinced? I present to you, exhibit A: Vettel going wheel to wheel with arguably the best overtaker on the grid, Daniel Ricciardo.