NHL 17: Goal celebration guide and tutorial

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Basic NHL 17 Celebrations

Xbox Button PS Button Movement Goal Celebration
AXStand StillArms Up, One Skate
AXMovingBelly Slide
AXUp to the GlassRattle the Glass
BOMovingPump Hands, Take Knee
XSquareMovingPretend to Break Stick on Knee
XSquareStand StillFloor Punch
YTriangleAnyDefault Arms Up or Custom 
NoneNone(If not the scorer) Towards the scorerHug the goal scorer
RBR1AnyFloor Ice Scoop
LBL1AnyKneeling, Flicking Wrist
RTR2AnyOne Skate, Leg Swing
LTL2AnyOne Skate, Flicking Wrist

How to use the New Celebrations

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