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What Class Should You Pick On Elder Scrolls Online

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For any player starting their journey in a brand new MMORPG, the character creation process is an important decision that will take up a lot of time and Elder Scrolls Online is no different with a variety of decisions for you to make.

One of those decisions that may be unfamiliar to fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise is what class you'll be picking. Classes in the Elder Scrolls Online are a lot more set-in-stone than the looser specialisations of prior Elder Scrolls games, with six total roles to choose from. Here's Each of them and what they are.

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Every Class in Elder Scrolls Online

The official Elder Scrolls Online website lists a total of six classes that can be chosen from, each of which has its own specialities and styles of play. Below you can find information on each of them.


DragonKnight Class in Elder Scrolls Online
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DragonKnights are the Elder Scrolls Online equivalent of Dragonborn, users embued with fearsome magic that stems from the dragons. They use ancient martial arts from the mysterious land of Akavir and provide players with the most Skyrim-like experience, being the closest to the standard "warrior" experience you'd expect.

The DragonKnight's three main skills are as follows:

  • Ardent Flame - Use poison/fire abilities that deal damage over time and intensify your attacks.
  • Draconic Power - Strengthen your defenses by surrounding yourself in scales and leap into battle.
  • Earthen Heart - Empower yourself and your allies, stun your foes and encase yourself in lava.


Elder Scrolls Online Necromancer Class
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The newest class added to The Elder Scrolls Online in the Elsweyr, the Necromancer is perhaps the most interesting class to play as in terms of the law as many of your abilities are considered illegal across Tamriel.

The Necromancer is not your standard summoner class but instead fully embraces the occult with all of their abilities involving communications with the dead specifically. The abilities are:

  • Grave Lord - imbue the dead with frost, fire and lightning, raise the undead to make AOE attacks and assist you with combat.
  • Bone Tyrant - Use the dead to create AoE buggs and debuffs to make you harder to kill.
  • Living Death - Draw power from live and death to heal yourself and your allies.


Elder Scrolls Online Nightblades
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If you're the type of Skyrim player who always finds themselves defaulting to a stealth archer/assassin build, the Nightblade is for you. As The Elder Scrolls Online "Rogue" stand-in, the Nightblade is all about draining your foes health and attacking from the shadows.

The abilities for Nightblade are:

  • Assassination - Debuff enemies and execute them when they're hurt enough with the possibility to deal massive damage.
  • Shadow - Turn yourself invisible, gain your buffs and embrace the darkness to sneak up on your foes.
  • Siphoning - Leech the life from your foes, healing yourself up as you inflict more and more damage.


Elder Scrolls Online Templar
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Perhaps the most new-user friendly class available in The Elder Scrolls Online, the templar is a powerful warrior of light that can deal and take a hit and heal at the same time. A good all-rounder class for the player looking to ease themselves into the world of MMORPGs.

The Templar abilities in Elder Scrolls Online are:

  • Aedric Spear - Summon Holy weapons of light that can deal magic damage, stun foes and support allies in battle.
  • Dawn's Wrath - Use the power of the sun to engulf your foes in flame to deal massive damage. Buff your attacks and weaken foes.
  • Restoring Light - Protect and restore your allies and yourself with the sacred light of the Aedra.


Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer Class
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Command the horrors of Oblivion and the power of lightning as the Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer. Use the unlimited power at your fingertips to support your allies, suppress your enemies and overwhelm your foes with the Daedra. The class abilities for Sorcerer are:

  • Daedric Summoning - Summon creatures from Oblivion to assault your foes and summon armour and shields to protect yourself and your minions
  • Dark Magic - Immobilize, Silence and dispel your foes magical effects to help your allies.
  • Storm Calling - Hurl bolts of lightning to deal massive shock damage from afar

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