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Skyrim Co-Op Mod Finally Releasing This Week.

For fans of the Elder Scrolls series across the world, modding is an undeniable part of its DNA with thousands upon thousands of creations available to download on all platforms.

When it comes to the most talked about upcoming mods, there will be a few names that come to mind such as the ambitious Skyblivion project but one name that has slipped into the background is finally getting a release. Here is everything we know about Skyrim Together.

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Skyrim Together Releases This Week.

Skyrim Together is a mod that has had quite a troubled journey up until this announcement, going through a massive development reboot in 2019 after it was revealed that the mod re-used code from the Skyrim Script Extender without permission.

Despite this, development carried on and now after an extended period of slipping away from the limelight, the team behind the mod are back with Skyrim Together Reborn, announcing that the mod would be released on Friday, 8th July 2022 via their Twitter account.

The Reddit post discusses how this was initially only meant to be a beta release but with some more work, the team was actually able to make it a full release instead. The mod will be available to download via the popular website Nexus Mods, a popular source for commuity creatd conted for Skyrim.

Skyrim Together Reborn has also made a handy web-guide for their modding projects that explains what they are and how to set them up properly. Fallout fans also have something to be excited about as the same team is also working on a similar project for Fallout 4 in the background.

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