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FC 24: Trailblazers Challenge 2 Cheapest Solutions

FC 24

FC 24 is in full swing, with the Trailblazers promo taking centre stage this week, we have a new SBC in Ultimate Team!

We also have tons of content including guides on how to complete the Pacey Winger, and Bruiser Wingback Evolutions, as well as the cheapest solutions for the Heung-Min Son, and Rafael Leao Player of the Month cards, and the Trailblazers Rodrygo, and Declan Rice cards, with Laurent Blanc's Icon SBC just releasing too!

Talking of the cheapest solutions for SBCs, we will be covering Trailblazers Challenge 2 in this piece, and giving you the best solution to get yourself a free pack in Ultimate Team. This SBC is fairly easy to complete so stick with us, and you will be opening your rewards in no time!

Trailblazers Challenge 2 cheapest solutions

EA has released the second version of the Trailblazers Challenge, with Trailblazers Challenge 1 giving out a Gold Players Pack.

This time EA has gone one better, by rewarding players with a Mega Pack (Untradeable) for completing this Squad Building Challenge.

Let's take a look at the requirements needed for the Trailblazers Challenge 2 SBC, as well as how much it will cost you to complete.

Trailblazers Challenge 2 SBC


  • First Owned Players: Min. 3
  • Countries/Regions: Max. 2
  • Players from one club: Min. 3
  • Rare Players: Min. 4 in your Starting 11
  • Team Overall Rating: Min. 31


FC 24
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Credit: Futbin
Trailblazers Challenge 2 SBC


  • Mega Pack (Untradeable)

Once you have completed this Squad Building Challenge you will want to head over to the 'Store' in the Ultimate Team menus and select your Mega Pack in the 'My Packs' section.

Best of luck with your packs, as you never know, you might pull the newest Trailblazers cards, such as Kylian Mbappe, or Caroline Graham Hansen.

Alternatively, you could pack a player from Team of the Week 4, with Federico Valverde the most exciting from that promo!

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