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EA FC 24: Tactical View in Career Mode is Pointless


It feels great to finally say that the EA FC 24 campaign is well and truly underway with early access over, the game is now available to everyone across the world!. Loads of fans are now playing EA FC 24 with even more waiting until Friday for the standard edition.

Career Mode was promised to have many new features in the game, one being the all-new 'tactical view', but does it live up to the expectations?

Many fans are confused as to why this new feature is even in the game, so let's take a look at it we have access to the new title of EA FC 24!

Tactical View

During the Career Mode deep dive pre-release of EA FC 24 EA Sports announced the new addition to Career Mode 'touchline cam'.

EA stated that by using Tactical View, you'll be able to observe the match from multiple vantage points. You can closely track the movements of individual players or gain a comprehensive overview of the entire on-field action from a high perspective. Additionally, we've introduced the option to spectate the match from the chaos and energy of the touchline, right behind the manager, via a 'touchline cam'.

touchline cam
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What we got vs what we expected in EA FC 24?

Touchline Cam, now called 'Tactical View' in FC 24 Career Mode allows players to watch the game from the sidelines similarly to what a manager would do in real life, however, there are many negatives with this.

Firstly, you can barely see the game, when the ball is on the other side of the pitch you cannot see the ball anymore or what is happening.

Secondly, you cannot make any tactical changes while in 'Tactical View', not very tactical as the game suggests.

tactical view
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We are saying that this feature is pointless in the game because the view is not good from this position, there can be no changes made to your team and also it is the full game that you watch. We can't imagine there will be many people happy to sit back and watch the AI play the AI for 14 minutes.

This could have been a nice little feature if it was possibly 'key highlights' or even if you could make tactical changes during the game. However, it looks like EA Sports has got this completely wrong.

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