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EA Enrages Players With FC 24 Web App Bug

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FC 24 has been out for a couple of weeks now along with the Web App but some people are still having issues accessing their Web App transfer market!

With the Road to the Knockouts already out and RTTK 2 out this Friday (6 October 2023) there is loads of content to go through at the beginning of FC 24 just a couple weeks after launching!

TOTW 3 is out today with loads of hype around new cards, fans just want to know how to access FC 24 on the move!

FC 24 Web App transfer market not working

The FC 24 Web App has been a massive hit this year, as it has with previous titles with fans able to play Ultimate Team on the move with access to SBCs, Packs, and Squad Building there is one thing missing for some fans the Transfer Market.

To unlock the Transfer Market on the FC 24 Web App players must play the game on console or PC first meaning, playing games, buying and selling players allowing EA Sports to know that the player is not a bot and they are a real person!

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EA Sports did release a statement on their forums page which has made Reddit users mad! FC 24 community manager stated:

'To get access to the Transfer Market on the web app, there isn't a set amount of playtime or games that unlock it. It unlocks as you engage more with UT. This includes playing games in all modes and buying and selling on the transfer market in the game. However, it's important to avoid spamming, as it may give the impression that you're a bot, and with some time it will become available to you.'
'In response to the concerns, we have verified that the system is working normally, and if you're eager to access the transfer market, all you have to do is keep playing. Please keep in mind that it may take a little time before it unlocks. It could be a week, two weeks, or more. Just a friendly reminder, nobody at EA has the ability to grant you instant access or speed up the process.'

Players are not happy that EA Sports seemingly does not have a proper answer for this issue, with fans still not able to access the transfer market on the Web App there surely has to be a solution for this.

If you are in this position then you just need to keep playing the game, buying and selling players on the transfer market, and try to play other modes outside of Ultimate Team to potentially speed up the process.

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