FC 25 Ultimate Team: Everything you need to know

FC 25 Ultimate Team

FC 25 Ultimate Team

FC 25 is in touching distance as fans turn their heads towards the newest edition of EA Sports FC, and leaks are starting to drop regarding the biggest game mode in the entire game. Ultimate Team is set to receive an even bigger boost in the next game.

EA prides itself on providing the best online football game mode in the world. Ultimate Team has been a huge hit for over a decade, and FC 25 could be the best version yet!

FC 25 Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is considered EA's pride and joy, and FC 25 promises to be bigger and better than before. Plenty of new features and additions are set to arrive in the next edition of the game mode.

Several leaks regarding FC 25 Ultimate Team have given fans insight into what to expect in the future, and players can be excited about what's to come.

Several bits of news has dropped regarding Ultimate Team including a new game mode, manager tactics, and pack animations, and we will tackle it all in this piece.

Penta Ultimate Team Game Mode

A new game mode has been leaked to drop in FC 25 Ultimate Team with Penta set to be added in the new game.

FC 25 Ultimate Team
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Penta Game Mode

Judging from the leaks, Penta seems like a cross between Ultimate Team and VOLTA, in the best way possible, as players can jump into games playing as a single player from their Ultimate Team, either with friends or randoms, to achieve a goal which will earn them rewards.

These are the details about the Penta game mode that we know so far:

  1. The mode is 4 Human Players + 1 GK AI vs. 4 Human Players + 1 GK AI
  2. You pick a player from your Ultimate Team Club and control just that player
  3. You can group with up to 3 other friends who do the same
  4. You can also choose to drop in with 3 unknown players randomly
  5. The pitch will be smaller, adjusted to 5v5
  6. The pitch will have grass
  7. Regular Kits
  8. There will be many Objectives inside this game mode, and some (not all) will have Evolution-like requirements, such as, Max. 75 OVR etc.
  9. This game mode does NOT replace Squad Battles; it will be an extra mode inside of Ultimate Team
  10. Squad Battles are getting revamped in FC 25
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Managers System Update

Another new change to Ultimate Team is set to be the manager's system, with the key feature being that Ultimate Team players will be able to set up tactics like their favorite managers.

For example, if you wanted to play a Tiki Taka style, you would be able to use Pep Guardiola as your manager. He will have his own preset custom tactics to save you from having to set up your team in the same elk.

This will be the same for all of the real managers available in Ultimate Team, meaning you can follow in the footsteps of some of the biggest names in football management.

Pack Animation Return

Each year, EA mixes things up with Ultimate Team by changing the pack animation. This adds to the excitement of opening packs, with fans figuring out what is inside within the first few weeks of the animation being aired.

FC 25 Ultimate Team will see the return of the sliding doors and flares animation, which featured in FIFA 20 and FIFA 21, where fans would open a pack and doors would open and then players would be led down a tunnel to meet their new player!

FC 25 Ultimate Team
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FIFA 20 Pack Animation

EA will undoubtedly make this animation different from its predecessors, and we are looking forward to seeing what the new animation will look like.

Plenty more updates regarding FC 25 Ultimate Team will be leaked in the future, so we will continue updating this page with the freshest information.

What else would you like to see in FC 25 Ultimate Team? Let us know in the comments below.

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