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Scheduled Maintenance in FC 24 Online Game Modes

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Scheduled Maintenance FC 24

FC 24 fans will be unable to access online game modes for the majority of today, with EA scheduling maintenance on the game for several hours.

There is tons of content available in FC 24 currently, however, fans will be unable to access the brand-new End of an Era SBCs due to the maintenance in-game.

We will dive into everything we know about the interruption, and give you all the details on the length of the maintenance, and what EA will be making changes to.

FC 24 scheduled maintenance

EA has suspended all online gameplay until further notice, as the developers will be making big changes to FC 24.

The scheduled maintenance will run from 07:00 UTC to 14:00 on 15 November.

This update will effect not only FC 24, but also FIFA 22, and FIFA 23, for any players enjoying the nostalgia of the older games.

When starting up FC 24, players will be greeted with a message from EA which reads:

"We're running a scheduled maintenance for all FC online services. During the maintenance, you will not have access to FC online services and modes, including Ultimate Team, Clubs, and VOLTA FOOTBALL.
"We'll disable Ultimate Team, Clubs, and VOLTA FOOTBALL match creation 30 minutes before the maintenance starts, so you're not interrupted mid-match."
FC 24 Scheduled Maintenance
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Scheduled Maintenance

FC 24 Server update

The scheduled maintenance is the first major server update of FC 24, and will hopefully make for a clearer, smoother-flowing game for all players.

There have been many bugs and glitches highlighted by fans since the game was released, and they have been cleared up mostly by several Title Updates.

With EA scheduling a seven-hour maintenance, there is a possibility that this could be extended without any prior notice.

We will continue to update this piece with any of the latest news regarding the scheduled maintenance, so be sure to 'BOOKMARK' the page.

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