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How to Skip Training in FC 24!

FC 24 Training

FC 24 has been released worldwide and gamers from across the globe are already loving the new features added to their favourite game modes such as Ultimate Team, Clubs, and Career Mode.

Training Plans and Coaches have been introduced to Career Mode, adding to the authenticity of the FC 24's most fun offline game mode. Players are now able to develop wonderkids even further, and the realism continues to grow! Although, some fans have deemed this Career Mode to be the worst in years!

If you're a Career Mode fan who loves the game mode but doesn't want to do training during a save and get straight to the matches, then we have a guide for you. Here's how to skip training in FC 24!

Skip Training in FC 24 Career Mode

Manager Mode gives players a chance to take over a football team, and develop it into one of the best in the world, through managerial tactics, transfers, and team management, however, one feature that many players found a bit tedious in FIFA 23 was training.

Now last year, players were able to skip training by clicking △/Y on advanced customisation, then stopping training notifications. However, this year you cannot do that!

FC 24
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Career Mode Training

EA has completely removed the notification whatsoever, meaning that players can now skip through the menus in peace.

If you want to access training in Career Mode in FC 24, then you can go do Training Plan on the Central menu of your Career Mode. Here you can work on your player fitness, and match sharpness, and edit their plan to something different for each and every player in your team.

Skip training in Player Career

Player Career is slightly different than Manager Career this year, and training is much more beneficial to your pro.

Training once again doesn't need to be completed if you don't want to, however, we recommend doing so.

You can pick up to five training drills to complete each week and can choose to play them or simulate them.

If you simulate the training you will get a D grade for completing them, which will slowly progress your player.

FC 24
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Player Career Training

However, by completing each drill just once, and getting an A, which is possible for most players, then each week when simulating, your player will receive an A grade on their training, meaning they will increase in overall faster!

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