EA Sports FC: First Screenshots LEAKED

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EA Sports FC Mbappe Leaked Screenshots

EA Sports FC is nearly here, with this brand new era set to change the face of football gaming.

For some time, all we've seen are brand logos and still images, but now we've got our very first look at gameplay from EA Sports FC thanks to some leaked screenshots.

Ahead of official information dropping this month, these new screenshots have offered some clues as to what may feature in the brand-new game.

Check below to discover the first leaked screenshots for EA Sports FC.

EA Sports FC Leaked Screenshots

The football gaming community was sent into a frenzy recently after leaked screenshots for EA Sports FC started appearing online.

In a recent EA Sports FC presentation, new information was showcased for the game, and leakers managed to get their hands on some screenshots from the event.

Showcased by @FUTZONEFIFA on Twitter, these blurred images give some insight as to what new features are set to arrive in the game.

EA Sports FC leaked screenshot possession
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FIRST LOOK - We finally have the chance to see what EA Sports FC is all about

As you can see, the above image showcases possession stats in-game, something we've not seen before in previous games.

Another screenshot appears to show Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid walking out of the tunnel, perhaps as a cinematic intro to a game, or even the main menu screen.

The other leaked image showcases HyperMotion V, a brand new piece of tech that is set to introduce a host of new animation features to EA Sports FC. Click here to find out more about that.

EA Sports FC leaked images teams walking out of the tunnel
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FRESH START - New EA Sports FC images have leaked

Overall, these new images may not offer a lot, but they do give a clear indication as to what EA Sports FC is striving to be.

Looking a lot different to FIFA, this promises to be the exciting start to a new era that we all hoped it would be.

EA Sports FC Leaks

You won't be surprised to hear that these aren't the only leaks to have surfaced for EA Sports FC, with some accounts on social media claiming to know information months in advance.

It's worth approaching these leaks with caution as nothing is confirmed until EA says so.

Here's a breakdown of everything leaked so far by FUTZONE:

EA Sports FC New feature leaks
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RUMOURED CHANGES - FUTZONE has leaked some major new features for EA Sports FC

As you can see, the main headline features centre around dynamic packs and cross-play coming to Pro Clubs.

Cross-play implementation for Pro Clubs has been wanted for some time and the arrival of this feature is set to please a wide range of players.


Something more controversial, however, is the confirmation that dynamic packs are coming to FC 24, with this feature rewarding those who spend money in the game.

Once again, these features are not confirmed, with EA Sports set to reveal official information regarding EA FC in July 2023.

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