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Fans Can’t Play the EA FC 24 on PC Despite Paying for It

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EA FC 24 PC version
Credit: EA Sports

The evolution of the FIFA franchise has finally arrived, although in early access. Sadly, for those that were looking to enjoy the EA FC 24 PC version, a lot of players have reportedly ran into a frustrating bug that restricts them from connecting to online servers specifically in EA FC 24, despite being able to connect to other EA titles seamlessly.

This issue, which was first reported by users via the official EA FC subreddit, has been causing uproar within the EA FC community. Even more concerning is the fact that, as of now, there is no permanent fix in sight.

Players have reached out to EA and their support, but the response has been slow and inadequate. Surprisingly, there has been no official mention of this problem on EA's Twitter, adding to the players' frustration.

Can't play EA FC 24 on PC - How to fix

As mentioned, there is no actual fix for this issue. The only temporary solution currently available is for players to pay extra on Steam for an EA Play subscription, which grants them a 10-hour trial of the game they've already purchased.

In addition to connectivity problems, players have reported various in-game bugs, including missing textures, such as crowd models and alternate uniforms. Some areas display missing text or code remnants, especially in team training strategies menus. There are also reports of unusual header animations where the ball doesn't connect properly with the player's head.

Considering the game is in early access, it'll remain to be seen if once EA FC 24 goes out to all players on 29 September, these issues will become more prevalent forcing the developers to take matters into their own hands.

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