EA FC 24: Who has Flair PlayStyles?

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EA FC ratings are finally here as EA Sports has released the full database for the new title! Fans are buzzing as they can now look at cards that they can potentially purchase in Ultimate Team!

PlayStyles are a massive feature in FC 24 as it gives players their own personal traits with PlayStyles+ enhancing these abilities even more!

What is the Flair PlayStyles and PlayStyles+?

In EA Sports FC 24, "Flair" represents a PlayStyle that introduces finesse and style into a player's gameplay, boasting improved accuracy in fancy passes and shots, alongside contextually appropriate Flair animations.

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Best suited for midfielders and attackers, it elevates goal-scoring with a touch of flair, particularly for those with high dribbling stats. The recognition of a player as possessing the "Flair" PlayStyle is determined by real-life abilities, with a focus on exquisite ball control in tight situations, making it a style for the true artists on the pitch.

Players who have Flair PlayStyles+

PlayStyles will see players display more powerful headers, better tricks, or an ability to better block shots. These boosts to play sound similar to Madden's X-Factor system, but they are always on, you don't need to complete in-game challenges to activate them.

PlayStyles+ is just an even stronger version of PlayStyles. Adding a bigger boost to performance in certain passages of play to make the very best players in the world stand out even more.

The following list will showcase all of the players that have the PlayStyles+ of 'Flair' in EA FC 24:

Paulo Dybala (86 OVR)

Dybala is the only Men's player to have the PlayStyles+ of 'Flair'. With incredible stats such as 85 shooting and 85 dribbling and now with the addition of 'Flair' he will be a highly requested card in Ultimate Team!

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Pernille Harder (84 OVR)

Bayern Munich attacking midfielder Harder has the PlayStyles+ of 'Flair'. Harder does have a very technical card with 87 dribbling, adding the Flair PlayStyles+ to this will make this card even better!

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Marta (84 OVR)

Marta had to be included in this list as she is known for having flair. With 88 dribbling and 85 passing, this card is amazing! Adding the PlayStyles+ to this card will make Marta way more usable in Ultimate Team with links to chemistry being the only concern for this card.

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Ella Toone (83 OVR)

Manchester United attacking midfielder Ella Toone has the PlayStyles+ of 'Flair' adding to her 85 dribbling, 81 pace and 79 shooting.

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Players who have Flair PlayStyles

There are 1,308 players that have the PlayStyles of 'Flair' thus we will only be going through the top players with this Flair PlayStyles!

Kylian Mbappe (91 OVR)

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Alex Putellas (91 OVR)

Vinicius Jr (89 OVR)

Kadidatou Diani (89 OVR)

Neymar Jr (89 OVR)

Alex Morgan (89 OVR)

Bruno Fernandes (88 OVR)

Debinha (88 OVR)

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Patri Guijarro (88 OVR)

Antione Grizmann (88 OVR)

Sophia Smith (88 OVR)

Martin Odegaard (87 OVR)

Frenkie de Jong (87 OVR)

Lautaro Martinez (87 OVR)

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