EA FC 24: Can you buy FC Points on the Web App?

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EA FC 24 is almost here with Early Access out tomorrow 22 September 2023 and the full global release of FC 24 out next week!

The Web App is now officially out and went live two days before Early Access came to consoles. With the latest news on Starter Packs not being in FC 24, fans are confused and mad as to what they are meant to do for two days on the Web App. However, we may know now why there is no Starter Pack...

Without further ado, let's take a look at the latest news!

Latest - No FC Points on the Web App

EA Sports FC 24 have confirmed that players will not be able to purchase or open packs with FC Points in FC 24 until 22 September 2023. This has made the Web App fairly pointless until then with there being no starter/ welcome back packs in FC 24 fans are doing their 'preview pack' without being able to purchase it.

Fans cannot do much on the Web App as there is no room to trade with coins or even the bronze pack method yet. All eyes look towards EA FC 24 Early Access as fans will then have the ability to really create and grow their Ultimate Teams!

FC Points on the Web App rumours are false

Rumours broke out by @TheGhoost_ and @FUT_Accountant on Twitter that the reason Starter Packs have been removed from EA FC 24 Ultimate Team is that we will now be able to purchase FC Points directly from the Web App.

This would mean that players who would have to wait until the game is on console can now purchase the game via the Web App or Companion App.

These rumours have now been confirmed to be false.

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