EA FC 24: New Animation and Double Pack Walkouts!

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The full reveal and deep dive of EA FC 24 has been released with many exciting additions to the game through features and new game dynamics.

A fresh look for Ultimate Team cards with the new item design was revealed showcasing a new and improved UT card ahead of EA FC 24.

EA Sports have now confirmed the official EA FC 24 pack opening walkout animation while revealing that we will have double walkouts in EA FC 24 in the latest Ultimate Team Deep Dive!

EA FC 24 pack animation

Exciting news for FIFA/ EA FC fans as the Nation, Position, Club Previews make their much-awaited comeback to EA FC 24!

two player walkout
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This feature brings added excitement to the pack opening experience, providing players with a glimpse of their potential rewards before the boards reveal the final outcome, similar to its previous implementation. It is worth noting that there will be no tunnel in the pack animations, the tunnel animation while opening a pack has been removed.

Moreover, brace yourselves for the possibility of encountering double walkouts!

double walkout
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That's right; now you have a chance to be doubly thrilled with two high-rated players walking out of the pack at the same time. The UT card appears and zooms out revealing 1 or 2 player walkouts.

In this concept created by @FutSheriff & @Criminal__x we can see Haaland and Mbappe having a double walkout animation in what would be the best pack ever!

Haaland IF
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Mbappe IF
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The first card is shown in the pack animation which then flips round to reveal the next card that you have packed.

We would presume that this animation only happens when there are two high rated players in your pack! Watch the animation here.

Pack items

In EA FC 24 you can now pack different versions of the same player in the same pack.

Meaning that you can pack a players base card and special card in the 1 pack.

ea fc pack animation
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It is now Possible to pack players like Mbappe's gold card and any special cards that they have released at the same time. What do you think about this addition to Ultimate Team? Was it necessary or is it an addition that wasn't needed?

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