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FC 24: Division Rivals Rewards out now!

Div Rival Rewards are out!

Division Rivals rewards are out now, and like every Thursday players will be given free packs based on their performance in Rivals over the week!

From Division 10 to Elite Division, you could have some packs sitting in your Ultimate Team waiting to be opened if you have played any Rivals matches this past week!

Without further ado, let's look at the latest news with Division Rivals Rewards being out in FC 24 Ultimate Team!

FC 24 Division Rivals rewards

This just in! Division Rivals rewards are now out in Ultimate Team. It is an easy way to receive free packs and Champions points for the upcoming Weekend League.

Make sure you check the game on your console, PC, or Web App to choose your reward!

Div Rivals FC 24
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Division Rivals rewards are a great way to gain free packs, coins, XP, and UT Champs points to help with qualification.

We have a piece on all the Champions Rewards in FC 24, to see which packs you can strive for this weekend in Weekend League.

So if you have played FC 24 between 9 November, and 16 November then make sure that you log into Ultimate Team or the Web App to collect your rewards and hopefully pack some great players!

If you choose to delay opening your packs, you may be rewarded even more, with the FC Pro Live promo releasing on 17 November. Team of the Week 9 is also in packs now!

There are plenty of other ways to earn packs if you didn't play Division Rivals this week, and you can complete the Themed Team Pursuit Objectives III in just SIX games, earning yourself six packs to boost your Ultimate Team.

FC 24 Rivals
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Themed Team Pursuit III

We also have the cheapest solutions to several SBCs including, End of an Era Ali Krieger, and Megan Rapinoe, as well as Moments Sabitzer, so be sure to check those out!

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