EA Sports FC 24: Erling Haaland vs Kylian Mbappe

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EA Sports FC 24 Haaland vs Mbappe

EA Sports FC 24 is a brand new game from EA Sports, as they split away from FIFA for the very first time.

With the start of a new era, we could see a whole host of changes, including those at the top of the rating charts.

Currently, the battle stands between two rising stars, but which of them should take home the crown?

Check below for our take, as we weigh up whether Erling Haaland or Kylian Mbappe should be the face of the franchise.

Haaland VS Mbappe - EA Sports FC 24

A battle that promises to rage for many years, EA Sports FC 24 represents the first time that EA will have to choose between these two stars when it comes to ratings.

Mbappe, in the last couple of years, has been ahead of Haaland, but the Norwegian is steaming in with momentum.

Rivalling that of Messi and Ronaldo, Haaland and Mbappe are the two new GOATs that are battling it out for supremacy, but who will end up on top?


Erling Haaland is a machine, and the Premier League has learnt that first-hand this season.

The Norwegian superstar has arrived in Manchester in serious style, helping City to claim their third title in a row.

FIFA 23 Haaland
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STAR MAN - Haaland has shone in the Premier League

Along the way, Haaland has smashed records in England and proven himself to be the primal star of one of the world's biggest leagues.

His impact at City will put him firmly in the Ballon d'Or conversation, alongside Mbappe and World Cup winner Messi.

Haaland has been a revelation this season and it's hard to argue that any player in the world can match him on pure form.

With plenty more to come in England, it's scary to think that Haaland could get even better under Guardiola.


Mbappe has had an infrequent season, with the PSG star still showcasing flashes of pure quality.

PSG have failed to impress in the Champions League again, with Mbappe's untimely injury certainly contributing to that.

Not only that, but Mbappe also finished second-fiddle at the World Cup.

EA Sports FC 24 Mbappe
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FACE OF THE FRANCHISE - Mbappe will likely feature on the cover of EA Sports FC 24

That being said, Mbappe always turns up on big occasions and his World Cup hat-trick is certain to see him go down in the annals of history.

On the flip side, disappointing in the Champions League and a season marred by criticism in France, Mbappe certainly hasn't shone as brightly as he would have liked in the 2022/23 season.

Maybe he should have moved to Real Madrid after all...



It's worth stating that both men merit being at the very top in EA Sports FC 24.

We have no doubt that Mbappe and Haaland will be the two top-rated stars in the game, with it even being a distinct possibility that they share the top spot.

However, it's boring to sit on the fence and we have come to a decision as to who should be the EA FC GOAT.

EA Sports FC Erling Haaland
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TOP FORM - Haaland deserves top spot in EA Sports FC 24

This year, we think it's only fair that Erling Haaland is handed the top rating.

The most intimidating footballer in world football, Haaland has hit the ground running in a fashion that the Premier League has never seen before.

His ruthlessness and record-breaking habits have made him a certified star and he's certain to swoop a huge amount of awards for his troubles.

Outshining Mbappe in form and general adulation, Haaland should be the man at the top in EA Sports FC 24.