EA FC: Brand-new FUT Academy game mode & Mastery system RUMOURED

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EA FC is the next football title from EA Sports, taking over from FIFA 24, and the company are set to bring plenty of new features to the game, with a FUT Academy game mode and Mastery system rumoured to appear in Ultimate Team!

We may be a couple of months away from more official information coming out on the subject, and then a few more before the game actually arrives, but the leakers are already spreading the word of what we can expect.

Find out all you need to know about the rumoured FUT Academy game mode and Mastery system in EA FC below.

EA FC FUT Academy & Mastery Rumoured

There were already rumblings surrounding a way to level up your cards in EA FC Ultimate Team, but now regular leaker Donk has put a name to it!

Taking to Twitter, he revealed that a new game mode called FUT Academy would be introduced, however, it is just a rumour for now.

Within that game mode, there will be a Mastery Objective system, where you can grow your players through various requirements.

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There will be quest restrictions for what players you can use, however, these should become more open throughout the campaign, allowing top-rated and meta players to get upgraded.

It does come with a catch though, as once you upgrade the card it will become untradeable.

As an example, Donk previously suggested that by scoring a goal with Mbappe, he will then get an increase in stats.

Grind Time

This new FUT Academy mode seems like it could be a great addition to EA FC Ultimate Team, with the core idea to make more cards usable in the game.

We expect this will take some time to complete, however, and Donk also revealed that some quests may require using coins or points.

It is unclear whether FUT Academy and Mastery Objectives will be a separate game mode in FUT akin to Draft, or if you can use levelled-up players in other modes such as Friendlies and FUT Champions.

If you can only use upgraded cards in the FUT Academy mode it seems a bit pointless putting effort into levelling up, so we suspect you will be able to use the boosted cards in all modes.


With EA Sports and FIFA parting ways after FIFA 23, there will be a brand-new football title coming later in the year.


EA Sports have introduced EA FC, which will be a continuation of the FIFA franchise, just under a different name.

As EA has developed the game for the last 30 years you can expect to see similar gameplay and all your favourite modes - Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs and VOLTA - return, but some may have a slight name change.

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NEW NAME IN TOWN - EA Sports are going forward with EA FC

FIFA are set to produce their own football title too, with Gianni Infantino mentioning FIFA 24 in a previous speech, but it doesn't look like we will be getting a game so soon.

They are still searching for a developer, although rumours suggest 2K may be interested, and the production of a new game from scratch will take time!

Instead, it is far more likely FIFA will enter the ring again with FIFA 25, hopefully providing some stiff competition to EA FC, with the two titles forcing each other to new heights!