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Mineski win Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018

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The crowd did not make a sound when the foreign team destroyed the Ancient for the third time, but online viewers sure loved seeing SEA pride in the air of Shanghai, China.

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Mineski won DAC 2018 after a 3-2 victory against LGD-GAMING. Except for the extremely biased crowd that only cheered for teams with the same nationality as them, this tournament was amazing.


Game 1 winner: LGD-GAMING

The grand finals started with Pangolier, Oracle and Dark Willow for Mineski, three of the most hyped heroes in the tournament. Pangolier was enabled in Captain's Mode since last week and Dark Willow since five weeks ago. Not only that, iceiceice played Pangolier in the group stage once and no teams gave Mineski the opportunity to pick the hero again until the end of that stage.

Mineski have also picked Oracle before, and it was against LGD-GAMING in the upper bracket finals. In that game, Mineski also picked Huskar. Oracle and Huskar combo was terrifying. The Chinese team lost that game and banned Huskar this game after the Oracle pick.

LGD-GAMING had an answer for Pangolier, the answer was Phantom Assassin. Stifling Dagger goes through Rolling Thunder and those daggers were too much for Pangolier when they dealt critical damage. With that, and their damage-heavy line-up, LGD-GAMING easily took Game 1.

Game 2 winner: Mineski

In the next game, Mineski striked back and easily turned the grand finals into a best-of-three. Somnus丶M's Shadow Fiend had a hard time and could not surpass iceiceice's Magnus's net worth until the 20th minute, and Magnus was the third richest hero from Mineski.

With Mineski's 29 kills against LGD-GAMING's six, this was the least exciting game of the series. The draft was mostly boring as well. The Magnus pick was unusual, but not surprising for a player like iceiceice.


Game 3 winner: LGD-GAMING

This is the Broodmother game. Mineski last picked the hopefully-married, not-insect creature after LGD-GAMING fourth-picked that old guy who likes splashing spiderlings with sea water.

The Kunkka pick was much more surprising than the Magnus pick. Mineski initially thought it would be a support Kunkka and banned a mid lane hero in the last ban phase.

With Beastmaster, Omniknight, Tiny, Underlord, Timbersaw and Pangolier banned, there were few heroes left for iceiceice to pick. The English language analysts mentioned that Broodmother would be a good pick, especially after LGD-GAMING's clockwerk last-pick, but then they agreed that Doom or Tidehunter would be better. However, of course they were happy to see iceiceice's Broodmother. At that point, the Kunkka pick was not very interesting.

The only surprise comparable to the Broodmother pick in that game was probably Broodmother purchasing Battlefury. The item helped Broodmother get rich, but without the typical iceiceice off lane hero with defensive items, Mineski was prone to the Daedalus-wielding Kunkka.

Game 4 winner: Mineski

Mineski returned with Pangolier in Game 4, but with different support heroes. Instead of Dark Willow and Oracle, Jabz and ninjaboogie played Naga Siren and Disruptor, two heroes with great AoE control spells.


LGD-GAMING once again countered the Pangolier pick with Phantom Assassin. They also last-picked Rubick for fy. If you followed the competitive scene in 2015, you should know about how good fy's Rubick is. It was apparent from how LGD-GAMING purchased and shared Tangoes, fy's Rubick was still respected. Instead of buying Tangoes, the position four Rubick was given two Tangoes and spent his starting gold for himself.

Unfortunately, fy could not win this game for his team. Mineski learned from Game 1 and this game was the opposite of that game.

Game 5 winner: Mineski

For the last game, Mineski picked the Naga Siren and Disruptor combo again. They also picked Magnus and Lifestealer. On the other hand, LGD-GAMING drafted a classic Chinese line-up: four fight-seeking heroes with three stuns, one hex, one path-block, one slow and one root; and Anti-Mage.

Although Ame's Anti-Mage got first blood, there was not much reason for the Chinese crowd to stay optimistic in this game. Mineski countered the Anti-Mage with a dual lane and the team's control potential was always scary throughout the game.

Ame only took part in one big fight in the 44th minute where he decided to not save enough gold for buyback so he could have Manta Style, Abyssal Blade, Butterfly, Black King Bar, Battle Fury and Power Treads. He also had an Ultimate Orb which was purchased before the Black King Bar and he would have had enough gold for buyback if he did not buy the Ultimate Orb. It looked like he initially wanted to purchase Eye of Skadi, but later realized that he needed Black King Bar more. Due to the lack of inventory slots, the Ultimate Orb was kept in his backpack during the fight.



Mineski won the tournament, but both Mineski and LGD-GAMING won a lot of DPC Qualifying Points. Mineski climbed from ninth place to fourth place and LGD-GAMING from twelfth to seventh.

TNC Predator is another big winner from this event. Two months after the addition of Armel to the team, they won fourth place in a major, eliminating OpTic Gaming and Team Liquid on the way. If TNC can maintain their performance, there might be two or even three SEA teams that will receive direct invite to The International 2018.

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