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DOTA 2 Patch 7.32: Release Date, Predictions, International 11 Battle Pass & Latest News

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DOTA 2 last patch of the year is closer than we think. After the conclusion of the DPC Tour 2022 and the Arlington Major, Valve is getting ready for TI11.

We have 12 teams qualified for the DOTA International that will take place in South East Asia for the first time. Singapore, to be more precise.

It means there are still eight tickets available for teams, so the next six will be disputed in the Regional Qualifiers, played on September 3-18.

Therefore, Valve considered that the best time to release the DOTA 2 7.32 Patch is just before the Regionals.

Here is everything we know about this significant update.

DOTA 2 7.32 Release Date

Valve didn't announce the precise date for the release of the DOTA 7.32 Patch. However, data miners consider the patch will go live on September 1, 2022.

The timing sounds right because it is just after the end of the ESL One Malaysia Tournament but before the start of the Regionals.

Along with the New Hero Balances and Game Changes, Patch 7.32 will include the DOTA 2 International 11 Battle Pass.

DOTA 2 International Battle Pass

The Battle Pass for this year arrived later than usual. Traditionally May was the beginning and the end days after the International.

In the 2022 edition, Valve wants to give players a couple of months of grinding after the big tournament. As a result, the International 11 Battle Pass is finishing in December.

The 2022 Arcana

Each year the Battle Pass offers players new modes, rewards, exclusives, and cosmetics. But, perhaps the main attraction is the Arcana.

The highest tier of Cosmetics is DOTA 2 is granted to one hero. According to leaks and after many complaints from the community, the Arcana of this year goes to Faceless Void.

Dragon Blood is the Netflix Based in the World of DOTA 2
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Dragon Blood is the Netflix Based in the World of DOTA 2

Players also expect a new Dragon Blood Persona in the Pass. Considering the Season Finale was released just some days ago.

DOTA 2 7.32 Patchnotes Predictions

Players can expect a new mode called New Opportunities; there are no further details for now about the new mechanic.

Based on the experience of the DPC and the last Two Majors, we can expect some of these changes:

  • The Aghanim's Shards dropped by the Roshan, particularly the second one, decide the result in many matches. So we think an adjustment is coming.
  • The new creeps in Camp have been interesting, as now they can inflict debuffs; however, some of them can not be pulled or stacked, affecting the Game's flow.
DOTA 2 Earthshaker
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The EarthShaker is a popular DOTA here. But lately, his win rate is rather low.
  • Earthshaker is a very popular hero who hasn't succeeded in the current meta. He may need some push to return to his former glory.
  • Heroes like Razor, Chen, Zeus, and Arc Warden dominate pubs and tournaments. So it wouldn't be a surprise if they receive adjustments.

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