DOTA 2 Arlington Major 2022: Standings & All Teams Qualified for Playoffs

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The DOTA 2 Arlington Major 2022 Group Stage has ended. After 5 days of intense competition, two Chinese teams finished in the top of their respective groups, PSG.LDG and Team Aster.

PSG.LGD, which arrived to Arlington after getting the crown and 4 million dollars in the Riyadh Masters 2022, confirmed they are the team to beat by losing only one match during the competition.

Arlington 2022 Group Stage also confirmed that there are no small teams, with most squads securing their pass to playoffs until the last day.

Here are the results of the Group Stage, All Qualified Teams and the playoff matches.


Group Stage Standings

The big surprises in the Arlington Major's Group Stage are Tundra and NAVI, both contenders to the championship, going home early.

After missing the previous Major due to Visa Restrictions, the Chinese teams are back, playing probably the best DOTA in the tournament, with all the teams for the region qualifying for the playoffs.

These are the finals standings for the Group Stage:

Group A
PSG.LGD (China)7-1-015-1
Outsiders (East Europe)3-4-110-6
OG (West Europe)3-3-29-7
Fnatic (SEA)2-5-19-7
Royal Never Give Up (China)2-4-28-8
Team Liquid (West Europe)1-5-27-9
Talon Esports (SEA)1-3-45-11
Thunder Awaken (SEA)0-5-35-11
Soniqs (NA)0-4-44-12

Talon Esports, Thunder Awaken, and Soniqs are the teams eliminated from the Group A.

Group B
Team Aster (China)3-4-010-4
Entity (East Europe)3-3-19-5
Team Spirit (East Europe)3-3-19-5
Boom Esports (SEA)2-3-26-8
Evil Geniuses (NA)2-2-36-8
Beastcoast (South America)1-4-26-8
Natus Vincere (East Europe)2-1-45-9
Tundra Esports (West Europe)0-4-34-10

Tundra and NAVI are the teams eliminated from the Group B.


DOTA 2 Arlington Major Playoffs

The Arlington Major Playoffs will be played in the Esports Stadium in Texas from August 9 to August 11.

DOTA fans can follow the playoffs for free on PGL’s official channels on TwitchYouTube, and Facebook.

Arlington Playoffs Format

The top four teams from each group will be seeded in the upper bracket of the playoffs while teams who finish in fifth and sixth place will continue their run in the lower bracket.

Playoffs will follow a double-elimination format where matches will be played in B03. The Grand Final will be played in a B05.

The DOTA 2 Arlington Major champion will win $200k – 820 DPC Points.


Playoff Matches

These are the first round matches for the Arlington 2022 Major:

Upper Bracket

  • PSG.LGD vs BOOM Esports
  • Entity vs OG
  • Outsiders vs Team Spirit
  • Team Aster vs Fnatic

Lower Bracket

  • Team Aster/Fnatic vs Beastcoast
  • Outisders/Spirit Loser vs Royal Never Give Up
  • Entity/OG vs Evil Geniuses
  • PSG.LGD/BOOM vs Liquid

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