20 Aug 2021 2:13 AM +00:00

DOTA 2 releases patch 7.30 as Nemestice ends

After the Nemestice Battle Pass expired, Valve has released (as promised) the very anticipated DOTA 2 7.30 Patch update. Here's the details you need to know.

DOTA 2 7.30 Patch Notes

Valve is rewarding the patience of DOTA 2 players with several neutral items being replaced, some heroes reworked, and several mechanics changing completely.

Image of the Spectre DOTA 2 Arcana
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NEW PATCH: DOTA 2 7.30 is bringing big changing in Items
  • Roshan no longer drop Cheese on his second death: the big mana and health buff will not be part of the rewards for taking Roshan a second time. We can expect biggest chances for a comeback.
  • Dawnbreaker is not making it to the TI10: the latest DOTA 2 hero received a lot of changes in this Patch . He was not added to the Captain Mode.
  • Broodmother was finally nerfed but now the spider can set traps: more mana cost, movement in spider webs based in HP, less damage. However, the hero can now set 2 traps that reveal and rooted heroes that get caught.
  • Cooldown Percentage Reduction no longer stacks: This means that the Octarine Core with Arcane Blink strategy no longer works. Cooldown ad if is flat or is part of hero's kit.
  • Captain's Mode new pick order: second pick phase is changed from Dire/Radiant/Dire/Radiant to Dire/Radiant/Radiant/Dire (assuming Radiant is first pick), allowing both teams to pick duo combos.
  • Nerfs to the 7.29 carries: Luna, Terrorblade, Medusa, very popular picks the last months received considerable nerfs. Valve also included Axe, Broodmother, which mechanics were a little broken.
  • Healing meta no more: instead of changing Holy Locket, the item that gave protagonism to healers on 7.29; developers nerfed Wintern Wyvern with 30% less healing in the level 10 talent and Phoenix will heal 20% less with Sun ray.
  • Pudge Jungler: this fellow is the most popular hero in DOTA 2. We had fun seeing players picking him as Carry. Well, we can prepare for Pudge as Jungler; Meat Hook will insta-kill non ancient creeps now.

Massive Items changes

The amount and impact of changes to the system of items give the sensation that sometimes we are playing a whole new game.

Image with items leaving the game and new neutral items in DOTA 2.
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Starting with neutral items, some were game changers, while others were practically decorative. Patch 7.30 changes attempt to bring parity in this aspect of the game.

  • Five neutral items for tier: having five neutral items will allow that every player has a neutral item from the seven minute mark.
  • Seven neutral items have been removed and 8 news neutral items arrived to the game.
  • The following neutral items have all been removed:
    • Faded Broach
    • Ironwood Tree
    • Imp Claw
    • Illusionist’s Cape
    • Minotaur Horn
    • Orb of Destruction
    • Ballista
  • New 8 neutral items
    • Pig Pole
    • Tumbler’s toy
    • Brigand’s Blade
    • Fae Grenade
    • Blast Rig
    • Ascetic’s Cap
    • Witchbane
    • Arcanist’s Armor

There are 21 item changes in patch 7.30:

  • Aeon Disk: The item that prevented so many carries and soft supports to be ganked to oblivion is being nerfed. Bonus HP reduced from 300 to 250 and Cooldown increases by 20s in every level.
  • The deduction in HP is not a big difference, increasing the cooldown to Aeon Disk's shield hurts. Players will have to be more careful when to use it or decide if is worth purchasing.
  • Flicker: Players have a love-hate relationship with this neutral item. The ability to dispel debuffs, low cooldown, and the blink function had a part of the community calling for its removal.
  • Valve instead decided to nerf the item, increasing to a 5-second cooldown, instead of 4 and now the mini blink is in place if the hero received damage in the last 3 seconds.

With the International taking place this October in Bucharest, we can expect to witness unpredictable strategies and cool new combos.