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Doom Eternal

17 Feb 2020

Doom Eternal: New Mechanics - Combat, Gameplay, Invasion, Playable Demons & more

Doom Eternal: New Mechanics - Combat, Gameplay, Invasion,
Playable Demons & more

We're doing a deep dive on Doom Eternal's movement, mechanics and platforming elements.

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With fans excited for the release of Doom Eternal, more news has been released regarding the gameplay we will see.

The reboot of Doom released in 2016, with a VR version releasing a year later in 2017.

Fans have been wanted a sequel for a long time now, and with Doom Eternal releasing later this year, we hope it lives up to expectations.

We have more information regarding the mechanics and
movement mechanics to be included in the game. Read below to find out more!


The typical First-Person Shooter (FPS) movement from Doom will carry over to the sequel.

doom eternal cover art

A HELLISH PLAYGROUND - Fight off the demonsof the underworld!

Doom’s iconic fast-paced movement is what has made the game stand out from other single-player games.

This allows players to skip around the levels and maps very
quickly and cause as much chaos as possible!


Doom Eternal will try to focus on engaging players far more than the original game.

doom eternal warrior

ETERNAL WARRIOR - Did you play the original DOOM series?

They will do this by including platforming elements. This
involvement of a puzzle style section will keep players occupied while still enjoying
the experience.

The news comes from the Creative Director of Doom and Doom Eternal, Hugo Martin. He said they felt they had got the combat right in the first game, while the movement and mechanics were still lacking.

We will have to wait for the release of the game to get our
hands on the new and revamped movement and platforming.


The Combat of Doom is iconic. With its fast-paced high action carnage, Doom stands out from the crowd in the FPS genre.

doom gun laser

GUTS AND GORE - What changes do you hope to see in Doom Eternal?

Although the game isn’t necessarily considered a ‘high skill’
shooter, its addictive feedback and godlike abilities keep fans addicted to the

With the release of Doom Eternal, we will see little change to the gun play and combat.

With its huge canons, flame throwers and railguns, we are yet to see another game create a similar experience that Doom can give us.

Are you excited for Doom Eternal?