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How To Smash Tribute Chests In Destiny 2 Season 13

The Season of the Chosen has begun in Destiny 2 and Tribute Chests are just one challenge facing Guardians jumping in.

Some players are having a little trouble pillaging Tribute Chests because they can't actually find any Tribute Chests.

Fear not, though, Guardians! We've got everything you could need to know about Tribute Chests and where they are. Then, it's onto smashing them.

Battlegrounds Activity

Tribute Chests can be found at the end of a Battlegrounds game, one of the new activities that were added to Destiny 2 during the Season of the Chosen.

As of writing, there are two ways you can launch a Battlegrounds game... A right way and a wrong way.

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Well, essentially one way will spawn Tribute Chests at the end of it and one won't.

The first way to launch a Battlegrounds game is by opening the Director and selecting the location of a Battlegrounds game, similar to how you would launch a Strike.

Destiny 2 Tribute Chests Season of the Chosen Empress Caiatl
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EMPRESS - The new Cabal Leader in Destiny 2: Empress Caiatl

This will not spawn Tribute Chests. Everything else appears to be the same in regards to matchmaking and the Battlegrounds game itself, though.

The second way to launch a Battlegrounds game and spawn a Tribute Chest at the end is to open the Director and go to the Vanguard Section.

You can launch a Battlegrounds game from here, listed as a 1,200 Power Activity and will also include Champions.


Other than this, the Battlegrounds game is the same and Tribute Chests will spawn at the end.

Each successfully completed Battlegrounds game, three Tribute Chests will spawn after opening the Rewards Chest.

How To Smash

In order to actually smash a Tribute Chest, you will need to have the right mod slotted into the Hammer of Proving.

This mod is aptly called Tribute Chest and can be increased to improve the rewards you receive from Tribute Chests.

Destiny 2 Tribute Chests Hammer of Proving Mod
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MOD - Here's the mod you'll need in the Hammer of Proving ( Credit: PCInvasion )

This mod will cost you Cabal Gold, but Battlegrounds games and Tribute Chests also reward Cabal Gold so it's a worthy investment.


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Combined with Mission Focus, Battlegrounds games can be a good source of Umbral Engrams too!

Interacting with the Tribute Chest while you have the Hammer of Proving will smash it open. These, like Strikes, seem to only count towards weekly challenges if you select the playlist and not the specific Strike/Battlegrounds from the map.

For everything that was changed in Destiny 2 during Update 3.1.0, check out the Bungie blog.

It's a strange way of doing it, but that's how it is, unfortunately. Still, Tribute Chests need smashing so happy hunting, Guardian!