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Destiny 2: Xur Location & Inventory - September 24-28

Xur is the agent of Nine in Destiny 2, and he arrives in the game every Friday, with tons of stuff available for players including many Legendary and Class items!

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Here's where Xur is this week and what he's offering.

Who is Xur?


Xur is a character that sells exotic Destiny 2 weapons and armor over the weekend. He appears on Friday in a seemingly random location and offers rare gear in exchange for Legendary Shards.

Xur location and inventory for the upcoming week will be revealed, every Friday at 1pm EST / 5pm GMT.

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LATEST- Xur Location & Inventory this week

Xur can take land in one of three locations:

  • Winding Cove in the EDZ
  • In a tree in "Watcher's Grave" on Nessus
  • In the Hangar in the Tower.

This week (September 18 - September 22) Xur is located in the EDZ in the Winding Cove.

Each week, Xur offers one Exotic weapon and three pieces of Exotic armor: one for each character class.

Xur’s Exotic inventory for this week:

  • Exotic Engram
    • 97 Legendary Shards
  • Merciless - Energy Fusion Rifle
    • 29 Legendary Shards
  • Shinobu's Vow - Hunter Gauntlets (65 total stats)
    • 29 Legendary Shards
  • Wormgod Caress - Titan Gauntlets (66 total stats)
    • 29 Legendary Shards
  • Apotheosis Veil - Warlock Helmet (64 total stats)
    • 29 Legendary Shards

Xur’s Legendary inventory this week:

Each Xur Legendary item's price is 1,000 Glimmer and 50 Legendary Shards.

Legendary Weapons:

Seventh Seraph Carbine Primary Auto Rifle
Last PerditionEnergy Pulse Rifle
Whispering SlabPrimary Combat Bow
Timelines' VertexEnergy Fusion Rifle
Main IngredientEnergy Fusion Rifle
Outrageous FortuneHeavy Grenade Launcher
Crowd PleaserHeavy Grenade Launcher

Legendary Armor:

Simulator Grips Hunter Gauntlets
Simulator VestHunter Chest Armor
Entanglement CloakHunter Cloak
Simulator MaskHunter Helmet
Simulator BootsHunter Leg Armor

Trial of Osiris Returns (Sept. 24-28)


Trials of Osiris is now live for this weekend!

Check out the new reputation rewards and map this week:

MAP - Wormhaven


  • Reputation Rank 4: Upgrade Module (2)
  • Reputation Rank 7: Enhancement Prism (3)
  • Reputation Rank 10: Trials Weapon (Changes for each rank reset)
  • Reputation Rank 13: Upgrade Module (2)
  • Reputation Rank 16: Trials Weapon (Changes for each rank reset)
  • Flawless Reward: Adept Igneous Hammer

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