Destiny 2: New Xur Bug allows players to buy Menagerie Opulent Armor late this week

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Xur, the agent of Nine in Destiny 2, is a merchant that arrives for a limited time each week - staying from Friday to Tuesday before disappearing once again.

Thanks to the use of a new Destiny 2 bug, however, players are holding Xur hostage now hours after his intended disappearance time. This, of course, to pick up his valuable items for a few more hours.

Here's how players are keeping Xur in-game past his limited timeframe and the items you can pick up from Xur while he's still around.


Xur Bug Holds The Agent of the Nine Hostage

To keep Xur hostage is required a massive coordinated team effort. But don't worry, the Destiny 2 community is in for an Epic moment.

Apparently, a group of Guardians discovered they could make Xur stay even after the weekly reset. So the only thing they need to do is to keep interacting with him seconds before and after the server is updated.

As long as there is a Guardian keeping company to Xur, he will have to work extra hours. Xur can supposedly be kept hostage for up to 48 hours!

What Does Xur Sell This Week?

On this occasion, Xur isn't being held up for a massive Legendary Weapon with excellent stats and perfect perks. Although, there is a First In, Last Out with Slide Shot that is worth getting.

The real reason why Xur is held hostage is for the opportunity to obtain items that are no longer available anywhere else.

These precious items that Xur has for players this week are Opulent Armor sets from Season of Opulence's Menagerie.


The Opulence's Menagerie was a six-player game mode in Destiny 2, where players navigated a chain of robust challenges as long as they could progress. Thanks to Xur, players can pick up these armor sets now by joining a player's lobby with Xur held hostage. Just make sure to bring your Legendary Shards!

Where is XUR now?

To snag as many armors sets for all classes of the Opulent Set, players need to visit Xur over a tree in Watcher's Grave on Nessus. If you already have your Opulent Armor set, you can check all the other Exotics Items Xur has this week here.