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Destiny 2 Iron Banner COUNTDOWN (September 6-13): Release Time, Event & Rewards

Destiny 2 Iron Banner COUNTDOWN (September 6-13): Release Time, Event & Rewards - Iron Banner Prime State

We're fast approaching the first Iron Banner of Destiny 2 Season of Plunder, and that means some exciting PVP action for some worthy rewards.

The last time we saw this week-long premiere PvP event was during Season of the Haunted with newly implemented changes, and now it's back yet again, and better than ever.

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Season of Plunder's first Iron Banner, including its release date, time, new changes, and rewards.

Iron Banner Release Date & Time

Destiny 2's Iron Banner returns on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, and finishes a week later on Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

Instead of the event running once a month, now it'll be available twice a season, making it more in line with other annual events, and making it even more highly coveted. It will be live in-game at 1 pm EST on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, allowing players to participate in the all-out PvP fun.

Follow along with our countdown below to catch the Iron Banner right on time.

Iron Banner Release Time

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What is the Iron Banner in Destiny 2?

Iron Banner is a monthly PvP mode found in The Crucible. As always, it arrives at the weekly reset and leaves during the following. Like other PvP modes and events, Iron Banner offers daily challenges to complete and rewards to earn.

This time around, as opposed to Season of the Haunted which centered around Destiny 1's popular Rift game mode, Season 18 will offer a mode called Eruption.

In this new mode, players will exponentially gain power as they rack up kills, entering a state dubbed "Prime" after they reach five. While in this state, players will score additional points as well as earn some additional bonuses for a specific timeframe, once that timeframe is up, they explode.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner COUNTDOWN (September 6-13): Release Time, Event & Rewards - Prime state Iron Banner
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Credit: Bungie
ENTER YOUR PRIME: Rack up kills and enter Prime state, benefitting you and your teammates

These bonuses include a team-wide boost that makes it so everyone gains 5% Super and 10% grenade, melee, and class energy boosts, as well as a personal boost that makes it so the player in Prime state gains 12% Super and 40% grenade, melee, and class energy per kill. The timeframe lasts 15 seconds.

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Iron Banner Rewards

Ever since its introduction to the game, Iron Banner has always had the same rewards each month, which included armor, weapons, and cosmetics. However, due to the new update, this has changed.

Iron Banner tokens have now been removed in favor of a ranking system similar to Trials of Osiris'. This will bring on Iron Engrams that can be converted into any current Iron Banner weapons or armor that have been earned previously. Additionally, for Season 18, Peacebond and Archon's Thunder will be retired.

Players can also look forward to older Iron Banner gear and cosmetics making a return in the Iron Banner rewards as well.

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