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Is Destiny 2 really going to get Halo content to celebrate Bungie's 30th?

If you weren't aware, Bungie used to make Halo. Bungie now makes Destiny 2. Would they really put two and two together to get an incredible crossover? We're not so sure but leaks seem to suggest that Halo content is coming to Destiny 2 in the future to celebrate Bungie's 30th Anniversary. Here's everything we know about this insane collaboration.

What Do The Leaks Say?

The leak that suggests Halo content is coming to Destiny 2, which was first discussed by TheGamePost, says the following in regards to the collaboration.

  • Bungie 30th Anniversary Event will introduce a new PvP mode;
    • "Hardware" will focus on gunplay and disable every other attack;
  • Four new PvP maps, two new and two from Destiny 1, will be added;
  • Halo-themed content to be added via in-store Pack and in-game;
    • 30th Anniversary Pack will cost $20 and feature the following:
      • Halo:
        • -Sniper (Heavy Exotic)
        • -Gravity Hammer (Heavy Exotic)
        • -Battle Rifle (Legendary)
        • -CE Magnum (Legendary)
      • Marathon:
        • -Shotgun
      • Myth:
        • -Claymore
      • Paths and Darkness [sic]:
        • -Grenade Launcher
      • Oni:
        • -Not sure yet (maybe Season Pass armor)
Destiny 2 Halo Content
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SPARTAN ARMOUR FOR GUARDIANS? - It seems silly, but also could work very well...

This is all due to be wrapped up in an in-game event that will bring the Gjallarhorn back to the game. It's a nice thought, but worth taking with a grain of salt. You can check all of this leaked information out for yourself here.

In addition to this, a screenshot has been shared that would suggest the leak itself was created in January 2021. Other things mentioned in the "Pastebin dump" have been confirmed, so this could be accurate. However, again, take this with a huge pinch of salt as these things can be faked.


Any Other Evidence?

Not really. We don't want to rain on anyone's parade but a lot of the evidence that is being used to support this could also be coincidental and/or amended post-release.

The leaked information does reference things that have happened in Destiny 2 after its supposed January 2021 release date, but that could have simply been amended.

In addition to this, eagle-eyed fans have been spotting several Halo quotes in Destiny 2 communications from Bungie. This could be seen as hints at what's to come, but it is just as likely coincidental re-use of popular phrases. Nothing mentioned is something that could only be said about Halo and could just as easily be applied to another shooter like Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Halo Content The Witch Queen
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A LONG WAIT - We do have quite a while between now and The Witch Queen

With The Witch Queen pushed back to early 2022, Bungie does need an event to fill the space... We just don't know if Halo content in Destiny 2 is the answer to this. We dread to think about the complications given the fact that 343 Industries is now in charge of the IP. However, Halo Infinite is due to come out later this year so a crossover event isn't outside the realms of possibility. Perhaps next month's Destiny 2 showcase will reveal more...