All of the campaign main story missions in Destiny 2: Lightfall

Destiny 2 Lightfall Missions

Destiny 2 Lightfall Missions

The release of Destiny 2: Lightfall signifies a brand-new campaign for Guardians to experience.

Normally, players like to make quick work of Destiny 2's campaigns in order to reach the end game as fast as possible. In the process of that, players learn the current expansion's new features. That'll remain the same for Lightfall as players will begin getting acclimated to the new Strand subclasses.

If you're one of these players looking to get to end game and want to know what main story missions you need to complete then we've got you covered.

Here are all of the campaign main story missions in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

All of the campaign main story missions in Destiny 2: Lightfall

In order for players to get to the expansion's max level or its end game, players have to complete a series of quests and missions.

Destiny 2 Lightfall missions
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Usually, these are unskippable as they're all part of the main story, and they largely serve to update players on the story thus far as well as show off the expansion's new features.

Destiny 2: Lightfall has a total of eight missions that players need to complete to finish the new expansion's campaign. All ranging between 1610 and 1700 in Power Levels, all of these missions are accompanied by bonus activities that pop up along the way.

Below are all eight missions players need to complete. They are placed in order of completion.

  • First Contact
  • Under Siege
  • Downfall
  • Breakneck
  • On The Verge
  • No Time Left
  • Headlong
  • Desperate Measures

The Legendary version of these missions will scale on the size of your fire team. Additionally, there will be Power Level requirements for each, meaning that it'd be for the best if you completed them on Normal first.

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