Xbox Game Pass: Disney Plus membership trial redeemable now in Ultimate Perks

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Xbox Game Pass just got even bigger thanks to a new announcement!

Those with Xbox Game Pass subscriptions from now until 31 January will be able to claim a free 30 day trial of Disney Plus!

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If you're keen on waiting for a series to finish its season (looking at you, Mandalorian) - you can redeem the trial as late as 2 March!


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To redeem the Xbox Game Pass Disney Plus trial, there are different routes depending on your device.

For Xbox consoles, simply visit the Perks Gallery. For Windows 10, visit the Xbox app. And for iOS and Android, visit the Xbox Game Pass mobile app.

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This will be a huge addition to Xbox Game Pass heading into the holiday season, and is a fantastic way to kick off the arrival of Xbox Series X and next gen launch week.

But this isn't the only thing coming to Xbox Game Pass in the near future.

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The Xbox Game Pass is picking up 11 new games in the near future, and EA Play will also become part of the package!

With all of this combined, the Xbox Game Pass has never been a better value.