25 Sep 2020 5:23 PM +00:00

Xbox Games With Gold: TT Isle of Man confirmed as February 2020 game

Every month Xbox Live Gold members get a handful of games absolutely free to claim forever.

January saw quality titles like the Batman Telltale series, Styx, and Lego Star Wars II.

February's games are now confirmed, and among them is the ultra-challenging TT Isle Of Man: Ride on the Edge.

Developed by French team Kylotonn and published by Bigben Interactive you know this game will be good. After all, this is the same team that is behind the amazing WRC 8 that came out last year and has a sequel on the way in 2020.

TT Isle of Man

Close action on TT Isle of Man
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This game puts you in the hot seat of the most famous, and infamous, bike race in the world.


The legendary Snaefell Mountain course, all 37.73 miles of it, is faithfully reproduced along with the champions and their bikes in this game.

The challenge of mastering the run and winning at an event that regularly claims lives is unlike any other in motorsport gaming.

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Originally released in 2018 for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, TT Isle of Man features realistic riding with lifelike motorbike behaviour. This allows players to experience the real sensations of riding, just like on the actual course.

There is also an online portion that will see you race against up to eight other players around the narrow streets of the small island.

This is a simulation-level racer, so it isn't easy to jump in and go quickly, but the challenge of the game leads to enormous rewards when you do nail a corner and tame the bikes.