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PS Store's Spring Sale: Best PS4 Game Deals – Death Stranding, Spider-Man, Borderlands 3, Expiry Date & More

PS4 is known for its insane exclusive titles and deals. For now, it seems nothing is changing with a bunch of great Triple-A titles on sale.

You’ll need to be quick as the deal ends very shortly, so make sure to head to the PlayStation Store ASAP!

Some games that are currently on sale are Death Stranding, Spider-Man and Borderlands 3. These are some exceptional games that are a must-play if you’re a PS4 owner.

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to purchase them buy to ensure you receive an amazing deal!

Death Stranding

Death Stranding is Kojima Productions most recent title. Kojima is the developers of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, so have a lot of experience, which is clear to see in the delivery of Death Stranding.

death stranding PS4 deals
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A LONELY JOURNEY - Explore this wasteland as a solo wanderer to experience a new sense of isolation.


This open-world title delivers an experience unlike any other. Kojima describes it as a “strand game”, a genre curated by the inclusion of some social elements in the game.

The Dystopian and lonely feel, paired with the sinister storyline, makes for a unique impression as you slowly explore the terrain.

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Overall, if you’re looking for a new experience, entirely different to your usual gaming session, definitely look into picking this one up.

Watch the Death Stranding trailer here!


There have been many attempts at a Spider-Man game, but none
have quite hit the nail on the head like this one.

spider man marvel ps4
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WITH GREAT POWER - Take on the Titans of New York in this roller-coaster of a story!


This PS4 exclusive holds some of the most fun you can have while playing your PS4.

From the swinging to the story, everything in-game is seamless with a lot of end-game content to go along with it.

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This exclusive is one you shouldn’t miss out on if you haven’t already played it.

Watch the Launch Trailer here!

Borderlands 3

Finally, Borderlands 3 is the last game on our list,
however, there are many more games to grab while they’re on sale.

borderlands ps4 deals
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WANNA-BE GOD - Fight against Calypso and her brother to save your planet!


Borderlands fans, get excited, Borderlands 3 continues the
story of the previous games, diving even more into the lore and characters.

This is a game that you MUST go in blind, to get the most of the story, but the real enjoyment is the loot and weapons you can unlock!

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With millions of combinations of rifles and rocket launchers, you can have hours of fun grinding for the god roll weapon.

Check out the trailer here!

Expiry Date

PS4 usually has many sales throughout the year, but these games won’t be on sale for too much longer.


The sale ends on 29 April 2020, so you have less than a week to bag yourself a few games before then.

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At the moment, it’s expected you’ll be playing more than usual due to the lockdown, so why not treat yourself to some outstanding titles to get you through the rest of lockdown?