PS Plus April 2020 Free Games: When is the Reveal Date? April Predictions, March’s Free Games & more

The free PS4 games for March have been released, but what games will we see in April? Find out here.

by Oscar Dobbins
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PS Plus April’s games won’t be available to download until Tuesday 7 April, as their announcement is coming on Wednesday 1 April.

The shame is that we already know what games will be featuring, thanks to a leak on an Official PlayStation YouTube channel last week.

Head on over to our main PS Plus April article for all the details.

Continue below to find out about this months games, release date, and our predictions for the next month of PS Plus.

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March’s Free Games

In March we’ve received 2 great games to get your teeth stuck into.

Shadow of the Colossus is an open-world, story-based game that focusses on taking down giant monsters who roam the wild. If that doesn’t pique your interest, I don’t know what will.

shadow of the colossus
DEFEAT THE GIANTS: Go against god-like creatures in this epic
open-world RPG!

If you enjoy games like God of War, you’ll love the action and adventure that Shadow of the Colossus brings to the table.

With the game original releasing in 2005, this remaster has brought back the addictive titan killing gameplay that made the game great over 15 years ago.

Sonic Forces is the other title that came with March PS Plus. This platform-based game allows you to fight off the infamous Egg Man in this epic adventure.

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Although this isn’t the greatest Sonic game ever made, it does bring some new features to the series. One of these being the brand-new character creation system.

If you have a free afternoon, this is a great game to playthrough.

April Predictions

The two games we expect to see in April for PS Plus are Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection and Horizon Zero Dawn. Two outstanding titles for their genre!

assassins creed brotherhood
STOP THE CRUSADE: Go against real and historical characters to find the truth
in Assassin’s Creed!

Assassin’s Creed is widely considered one of the best open-world role-playing games of all time, with the Ezio period being a highlight for the franchises saga!

The Ezio Collection includes the 2 games based around Ezio’s progression, these being; Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood and Revelations.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is regarded as one of the best PS4 exclusives of all time.

Due to its amazing graphics and immersive wildlife, the game sucks you into this hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Using your stealth and a roster of weapons, survive the robotic wildlife present in HZD’s world.

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Reveal & Release date

The free games of March will be available until the 6th of April, after this they will go back to being paid games.

We can then expect to see the free games of April release on the first Tuesday of the month, this being the 7th and run until the 4th of May.

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Which games would you like to see become free with PS Plus? And do you think you’ll be picking up the April free games given our predictions?

Oscar Dobbins