Playstation Plus: Free Games December 2019 - What to expect from the Black Friday special

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One of the best perks of being a Playstation Plus member is the access to exclusive free game offers every month. Playstation's latest set of free games will be announced today, but what can we expect from the month of December?

With Black Friday imminent and Christmas just around the corner, we're hoping for a special set of offers from Sony.

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How to claim free Playstation games

So long as you have an active Playstation Plus membership, you will be able to download the free games from the Playstation store on your console.

If you haven't yet become a Playstation Plus member, there is no better time to than now!

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Playstation are offering 25% off a years membership for their premium membership service as part of Black Friday - this grants you access to the free games of December and the following 11 months, so what are you waiting for?

Last month's free games

In November, Playstation Plus members were granted free downloads of two games amounting to £40.98 worth of savings.

These two free games were:

  • Nioh - a dark fantasy action-RPG, in which you play as an Irish pirate on a mission to save his guardian spirit from captivity
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  • Outlast 2 - a first-person psychological horror game in which you explore an isolated settlement to solve a grim mystery
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What we want to see for December

As we've previously mentioned, December's free games are dropping on the same week as Black Friday, so we're hoping for something a little special...

Free games we want to see:

  • The Last of Us - with the second instalment of the post-apocalyptic game set to be released in 2020, releasing the original on PS plus would be a great warm up.
  • God of War - the eight instalment of the action-adventure game, stepped away from Greek mythology, being set in ancient Norway.
  • Uncharted - The full Nathan Drake Collection becoming available on PS Plus would make for an incredible early Christmas present.

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If the PS Plus' free games don't live up to your hopes, then don't worry too much as there are a ton of discounted games available as part of Black Friday.

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