Early Black Friday Deals 2020: NEARLY £50 OFF this 2TB Armored, Water Resistant, and Shock-Proof Hard Drive on Amazon! Now just £78.99!

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Early Black Friday deals are starting to roll in on Amazon, and there are some real showstoppers, like this amazing G-Technology 2 TB External Hard Drive!

But this hard drive is no ordinary hard drive, and luckily for us, it's not at its ordinary price either!

Here's everything you need to know about the latest early Black Friday deal on Amazon.


G-Technology 2 TB Shock-Proof and Water-Resistant Hard Drive: Was £124.99, Now £78.99 / $99.99 (SAVE £46!)

G-Technology is a brand of Western Digital, so it goes without saying that they have a strong track record when it comes to storage solutions.

This hard drive is designed with protection in mind, take a closer look below:

G-Technology Hard Drive
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WHAT A G: This hard drive offers the ultimate protection for your files
G-Technology Hard Drive
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STOCKY: This tough customer is compact but super durable

Standout Features

  • Triple-layer shock resistance!
  • Rain- and dust-resistant
  • 1000lb crush rating!
  • 3-year limited warranty

CLICK HERE TO BUY: G-Technology 2 TB Shock-Proof and Water-Resistant Hard Drive for only £78.99 / $99.99 on Amazon!

Our Take

If you're looking to bag yourself a hard drive, then you'll want to make sure they tick all the right boxes.

First and foremost, if you want to ensure you've got enough room for manoeuvre, then 2 TB and above is good call.

This size should give you plenty of space to fill the device with photos, films, and more.

Hard Drive
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LIFE PROOF: Keep your files safe wherever you head to!

And if that's not quite enough (or even too much) there are other options which you can check out right here.


But one of the most overlooked features of hard drives is protection. We're not talking software, we're talking actual physical protection.

If you drop your device, chances are your files could be at risk, which can be a nightmare situation for the owner.

The G-Technology 2 TB Hard Drive genuinely offers some serious protection to your files.

A 1000lb crush rating, combined with triple layer shock resistance, make this ideal for more intense surroundings, but also great for those who may just be prone to dropping their valuable belongings! (And let's face...we are many).

Finally, the feature that seals the deal for us is the 3-year warranty - making this a piece of gear that you can buy once and use with confidence for a long time to come!

For the price, you really can't go wrong!

CLICK HERE TO BUY:G-Technology 2 TB Shock-Proof and Water-Resistant Hard Drive for only £78.99 / $99.99 on Amazon!

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