Best Dumbbells Under 150: Top Budget Picks For Exercise, Home Gyms, And More

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When it comes to finding the best dumbbells, sticking to a budget of under 150 pounds or dollars can sometimes be a little tricky, but that's where we come in.

Dumbbells offer a great alternative to a top barbell and can help improve some stabilising muscles used during movements such as shoulder press and incline bench press.

So, with that being said, we've enlisted the expertise of a qualified personal trainer to come up with this selection of dumbbells that stood out to them from the crowd, and exactly why they did.

Whether you're looking for something that won't roll away, like these BalanceFrom hexagon dumbbells, or need something slightly lighter for just starting out, like the Amazon Basics Neophrene Dumbbells, we've got you covered, plus our guide to picking the best budget dumbbells too.

Best Dumbbells Under 150


Best Dumbbells Under 150 All-Rounder -Yes4all Dumbbells

best Dumbbells under 150
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Image Credit: Yes4all

Brand: Yes4All | Weight: 52.5 lbs per dumbbell | Type: Adjustable | Material: Cast Iron

These Yes4all dumbbells tick practically every box you could think of when it comes to finding the best dumbbells under 150.


They're cast iron, with this particular option having a substantial 105 lbs total weight, which trust us, is fantastic for the price and will allow for progression even on some of the bigger exercise movements which may even require a top weightlifting belt.

Cast iron also has some natural and almost iconic durability, making these great for a home gym/ garage setup.

Since they're not fixed and don't have a rubber coating you may hear some 'jangling' when using these...but if you're anything like us, you'll quickly associate it with working out and end up loving the sound!

We'd say these Yes4all dumbbells should be a top consideration for most fact, they even made the list of our best dumbbells of 2021!

Best Dumbbells Under 150 Budget - YAHEETECH Dumbbells

Best Dumbbells under 150
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Image Credit: Yaheetech

Brand: Yaheetech | Weight: 33 lbs per dumbbell | Type: Adjustable | Material: Plastic, Cement, Electroplated Iron

For those who aren't looking for a huge amount of weight or perhaps something with which they can test the waters, then these Yaheetech dumbbells could be a great choice for under 150.


In fact, they're well under 150 and some of the cheapest adjustable dumbbells we've seen, making them ideal for those sticking to a budget.

Instead of cast iron, you're getting coated cement weight plates here, and that does increase the size of the weight plates compared to the denser cast irons sets.

Asides from that, as far as a solid set of budget dumbbells go, these Yaheetech dumbbells are certainly one to consider.

Best Dumbbells Under 150 Hexagon - BalanceFrom Dumbbells

Best Dumbbells under 150 hexagon
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Image Credit: BalanceFrom

Brand: BalanceFrom| Weight: 30 lbs per dumbbell | Type: Fixed

These BalanceFrom dumbbells may not be adjustable, but they're great if you're looking for something that won't scuff your floors and won't roll away from you.


Now we know that the second part sounds a little silly, but actually, it's super important if you find yourself enjoying the more athletic, dynamic movements that feature heavily in circuit training and CrossFit.

There's also the advantage that since they're fixed you don't need to worry about tightening any spinlocks or any psychological effect that comes with 'loose' weight plates...particularly helpful when you're pressing dumbbells over your head.

Overall, these BalanceFrom dumbbells are a solid choice for under 150.

Best Dumbbells Under 150 For Beginners - Amazon Basics Neoprene

best Dumbbells under 150
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Image Credit: Amazon

Brand: Amazon | Weight: Up to 15 lbs per dumbbell | Type: Fixed

If you're going light, enjoy circuit training, aerobics, or are stepping into exercise for the first time, these Amazon Basics Neoprene dumbbells are a great set to get you started.


They're coated with nonslip material, making them ideal for classes where you'll be holding onto the weight for a while and working up a sweat.

For home gyms, you've even got a pretty nice looking weight rack included that will stop your dumbbells from becoming a trip hazard (if you re-rack them of course!)

More a choice for dynamic training, like some of the best kettlebells, than all-out muscle building, we think these Amazon Basics Dumbbells are a good call for the price.

Best Dumbbells Under 150 Adjustable Hexagon - LEADNOVO Dumbbells

Best Dumbbells under 150 adjustable hexagon
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Image Credit: Leadnovo

Brand: LEADNOVO | Weight: 44 lbs total | Type: Adjustable / 3in 1


So these are a little bit of hybrid in more ways than one. These Leadnovo dumbbells are adjustable, they're hexagon-shaped, and they're also connectable as a barbell.

At this price range, you're not getting a ton of weight, but you can get more if you move above 150.

These are a bit of a wild card in our eyes, as they sort of do everything, but we'd say the main advantage of going for these Leadnovo dumbbells is that you can use them for practically every exercise thanks to their shape and functionality.

They're not cast iron, so they're a bit on the bigger side, but for the price, they're a decent all-in-one excise solution, especially if you're just starting out.

How To Pick The Best Budget Dumbbells

There's a few tips and tricks we can share when it comes to finding the best dumbbell under 150 pounds or dollars, to ensure you know what you're getting into before you spend your cash.

The best material for budget dumbbells


We'd say to get the most bang for your buck, cast iron is a good way forward. They're durable, tough, and have that 'old school' quality to them which never goes out in style.

They can mark your floors, unlike some of the rubber-coated dumbbells, making them better suited to outside or garages.

If you are going for a very cheap pair of dumbbells, you may find yourself getting the cement/ coated type.

These are good, but from our experience, they feel a little 'toy-ish' sometimes, and can sometimes look a bit like one too as they have the capacity for some outlandish designs!

The best weight for budget dumbbells

If you want to get the most for your money aim to get the maximum amount of weight possible in the price range.

Likely this will be around 50 lbs per dumbbell, which is decent to get started and will allow you to continually progress for some time before needing to upgrade.

The same goes with sets for under 150. Buy light enough for you to get started safely, but enough for your future, stronger self to use effectively.


The Best Budget Dumbbell Brands

At this price range, you don't need to go after the big names in the fitness scene.

While there may be more variation around the cement/coated dumbbells, generally speaking, you'll find most cast-iron weights the same across the board regardless of brand.

The same goes for rubber-coated fixed weights.

How long will budget dumbbells last?

Most weights are sturdy enough even at under $150, providing you take care of them.

We'd recommend not dropping them on hard surfaces to ensure you don't chip the weight plates, or leaving them outside in the elements.

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