Cyberpunk 2077 Next-gen: Why CD Projekt Red should wait for PS5 & Xbox Series X

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If you hadn't heard by now, the most anticipated game of the year, Cybperunk 2077, has been delayed.

Despite the setback, Projekt Red’s CFO Piotr Nielubowicz announced that Cyberpunk is not planned to release on next-gen consoles.

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The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are expected to land in November - so should Projekt Red have a rethink?

Cyberpunk Delayed 

After the long wait for the next RPG from the makers of The Witcher series, fans are disappointed that they will not get their hands on the game until later this year. 

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GLITCH IN THE MATRIX - Keanu Reeves is just as excited for Cyberpunk as we are

CD Projekt Red have said that the game is complete and playable, but they want to ensure they have ironed out all the glitches and issues with the current state of the game before the official release. 


Next Gen Plans 

CEO Adam Kicinski has confirmed that the plan has always been to release the game on current-gen consoles, as this is what the game has been made and optimised for, as well as PC.  

With changes to the release date coming just two months before the expected release of next gen consoles, there is concern for the performance of sales.

However, CD Projekt Red is looking into a next gen console release

CEO Adam Kiciński said: "[Cyberpunk 2077] was always designed for [PS4 and Xbox One]. We are thinking about the next generation, but for now, we are focused on the current generation. That plan is still valid."

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NIGHT OWL - Cyberpunk's Night City looks insaneat night


In our opinion, CD Projekt Red should wait to release their next flagship game on next gen consoles if they wish for the game to have longevity.

The Majority of gamers will look to invest in next gen consoles within the year of release. This gives Cyberpunk a very short window to make sale.

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The developers could look at a delayed release to increase the life span of the game.

But even then, people may wait for a next gen release before buying the game, which will hurt initial sales of the game.

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TOO FAST TOO FUTURISTIC -Is this the kind of gameplay we are likely to see?



In May 2019, a developer showed interest in a ‘cross-generation’ release.  

The Developer stated that if a cross-generation release was possible, they would definitely want this to happen.  

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From this, we can assume that a next-generation port of the game will come to next-generation consoles at some point.

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CYBERTRUCK - Are we likely to see a crossover with Tesla'sCybertruck?


But this will definitely not be at release due to the current state of the game, as well as the new release date set for September 2020. 

For PC, we will also see a change to the release date. But no change to the gameplay or graphics that next gen consoles maybe able to the current generation of consoles. 

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