Cyberpunk 2077 live stream falls flat with few updates on new patch

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The Cyberpunk 2077 REDstream that was supposed to be a flagship live stream to introduce Update 1.3 was not far off being an unmitigated disaster.

What should have been a beacon of hope for players wishing to revisit Night City or those who have stuck with the game, ended up being a stream full of shade, excuses and... Cat AI.


Cyberpunk 2077 1.3 Update Live Stream

I was set on making notes about what major updates we would be getting throughout the Cyberpunk update stream and it became clear early on that it wouldn't be necessary. For anyone who may be curious, here is the list;

  • Crafting update - sliders added
  • Still mostly stability and bug fixes
  • Mirror expressions improved
  • You can now respec perk points, attribute points won't be happening
  • Improvements to cat AI
  • The first DLC is 2 free jackets
  • Also a free Car
  • Minimap changes
  • Alternative Johnny Silverhand

Thankfully the 1.3 Patch Notes were released at the end of the stream so after looking through briefly, it's clear that the update is substantial but looking at the above list, you wonder why this stream even happened.

Emotion boiled over

At one point, Lead Quest Designer Patrick Mills was monologuing about how he reads every comment made about the game, an unfortunate fact if true given that can not be good for mental health, then proceeded to blurt out to the 25,000+ live audience the following;


"I read all of the messages we get. I read Reddit, why? I don't know. I even read the mean messages, by the way, some of you are really, really mean and you know, whatever"

To generalize such a statement towards what was already a particularly rowdy Twitch audience makes no sense. It tipped what was already an aggressive atmosphere in the chat over boiling point as furious messages came through that clearly came from a place of ignorance and hate.

It turned the stream from odd, in terms of its content, to outright disastrous as we then received a long-winded explanation as to how patching an already launched game is like open-heart surgery.


Stranger still, it was said that mods do not work on consoles in response to a question about how the PC modding community has helped the game. This is untrue as Bethesda have been operating mods on consoles for some time now, so CDPR could make it work if they wanted to but probably don't and that's completely understandable.

What will the state of Cyberpunk 2077 be after Update 1.3? This remains to be seen, but I am genuinely excited for it despite this lacklustre live stream.