Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.1: Release Date, What we want to see, Patch Notes, File Size & more

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2021 should be the year that Cyberpunk 2077 bursts into life, and that all starts with Update 1.1

The first substantial patch from CD Projekt should at least make the game playable, and perhaps get the title back on the PS Store.


What we want to see

With so many errors in Night City, it's difficult to know where to start in terms of what needs to be corrected.

We have done our best, however, with one area in need of serious improvement is the frame rate.

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ONE FRAME AT A TIME - Sadly improving frame rates is easier said than done

Major frame rate augments to optimize the game will ensure there are fewer dips when players are performing a variety of actions, as simple as walking through the streets of Night City.

These changes could take the game from being nearly unplayable to viable, which is still a major step up in making it stable for those on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


For more changes we would like to see in 1.1, head here.

The Story so far

It's no secret that Cyberpunk 2077 has struggled, losing 80% of its players and the title being removed from the PlayStation store.

A feature-length video has emerged on YouTube, taking us a journey of the Cyberpunk story so far.

Release Date

CD Projekt has hinted at the release window for the 1.1 update.

AESTHETICS: The game is aesthetically stunning in 4K!
AESTHETICS: The game is aesthetically stunning in 4K!

In a video released by CD Projekt Red, they laid out the roadmap for what to expect over the coming weeks and months.

The roadmap showed that the 1.1 update is right around the corner, with CDPR stating it will be released in "around 10 days time".

This will put the updates release date at around Saturday January 23rd.

Patch Notes

Update 1.1 has no formal patch notes yet, but we expect it will be much larger than the previous patch, Update 1.06.

Update 1.06 launched with the intention of making some headway with some more of the bugs found in the game by players.

ALL ACTION: The game remains a top-seller for this year!
ALL ACTION: The game remains a top-seller for this year!

Some of these were rather major bugs, such as missions not working, and game-breaking crashes on consoles. For console, there were fixes to memory management and stability.

With regards to specific missions, Dum Dum will no longer go missing from Totentanz entrance during Second Conflict.

In addition, the patch pushed out a fix for an 8MB save-file corruption on PC that would corrupt any save file over the size of 8MB. This was obviously a rather game-saving update for players on PC.

The update was a hefty one for console players, at around 19GB for PlayStation, whereas PC players got off relatively lightly again. In fact, for Update 1.05, the size was just 9GB for those on PC.


File Size

As we can see, the updates have a habit of being rather large, so expect 1.1 to be around 10 GBs or similar at a minimum.

PICK YOUR OWN WAY: You can choose three paths in the game!
PICK YOUR OWN WAY: You can choose three paths in the game!

Due to the number of changes that CDPR can continue to affect, it is likely that the updates may remain the same size.

Hopefully, as these issues dissipate, updates will become smaller and more manageable for players to download quickly. For those on last-gen, these updates can take well over an hour due to the long copying time.