Cyberpunk 2077: Special Edition GPU teased by Nvidia

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We are still months away from Cyberpunk 2077's launch, but PC hardware manufacturer Nvidia has teased a limited edition Cyberpunk GPU in a series of tweets between their Twitter accounts.

In these tweets, Nvidia teases that an official announcement is coming soon, with an obscure look at what is likely a GPU in their latest RTX 20-series - with a limited edition paint job.

Other than this tease, we've heard very little about the dystopian RPG in recent weeks, so we couldn't be more excited to see it finally come to consoles.

Check out all the details we have on this tease below.


Limited edition design

The outside of the card looks identical to the Founder's Edition designs that Nvidia has been producing for their RTX cards - except now, we can see the bright yellow accents that have come to define Cyberpunk 2077.

Check the tweet out below:

cyberpunk gpu nvidia
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FOCUS: This purposefully blurry shot still gives away enough information for the community to speculate on


We've seen Nvidia doing limited runs of GPU variants for specific brands in the past, so there is some substance to this tease.

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Before launching its RTX range in 2017, Nvidia released two limited-edition Star Wars versions of the Titan Xp, featuring green or red lighting for the respective Jedi Order and Galactic Empire versions.

A special edition Cyberpunk 2077 GPU would have been a great product to accompany the game's original release date.

However, now that Cyberpunk won't be launching until September, it's unclear what Nvidia will do.

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