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Cyberpunk 2077 Wishlist: Three things we want to see the game

Cyberpunk 2077 was initially set to release on 16 April, however, it was recently pushed back to 17 September.

According to associate design director Kyle Rowley, the things you choose when customising your character “can modify or unlock things as you're playing through the game”.

This means that your decisions will create unique scenarios and impact the progression of the story.

But besides a customisation feature that impacts the direction of the storyline, there are a host of other things that CDPR need to include in their upcoming game before it releases.

Follow this piece to find out what else CD Projekt should add to the game.

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More stylistic preferences

In the original (Cyberpunk 2020), creator Mike Pondsmith makes it clear that “it doesn't matter how well you do something, as long as you look good doing it."

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Concept art courtesy of CD Projekt


Style is a huge deal in the world of Cyberpunk, and we want to see an overwhelming number of options when it comes to looking the part. 

Yes, we hear you saying that it's a first-person game, but it's really about the principle - you don't have to always be able to see your character to appreciate a sweet outfit.

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Considering the levels of customisation that you can put V through at the start, this is not an odd request.

Wider variety of activities 

The quests on offer have received plenty of attention from CD Projekt’s game developers, but the side activities have been neglected. 

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PUNK - Concept art courtesy of CD Projekt


Cyberpunk 2077 explores themes of romance, violence and drug abuse, so it's not unreasonable to expect Night City to have a substantial nightlife. 

It would be refreshing to see dive bars, clubs, and perhaps some more dangerous places to fit the 'dark future' theme.

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Maybe you get the option to go to a Rockerboy's concert, or perhaps you come across a gang of street-racers and try to hustle them for their car.

The possibilities are endless, and we want to see some darker themes being explored.

Better combat mechanics

The gameplay teaser released at E3 2018 and featured some combat scenes, but we were extremely let down by the shooting mechanics on show.

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KICKASS - Concept art courtesy of CD Projekt


The whole experience of shooting a gun just looked… flat.

The teaser featured V tearing a massive machine-gun free from a turret, but when it came to the shooting, there was no sense of the machine gun’s power. V’s mobility was not impacted in the slightest and there was no sense of recoil when firing.

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The gun sounded more like a pianist’s metronome than a weapon of war, which was underwhelming.

And this wasn’t the case for the big guns only - a clip featuring a powerful pistol didn’t look any different.

This was carried into the melee combat, and although we weren’t able to test out the feel of the game, it just looked a bit off.

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All of this said the game is not set to release for another 5 months. 

Though this means the finishing touches are being added, there is plenty of hope that CD Projekt has addressed these aspects of the game. 

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