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Cyberpunk 2077

17 Jan 2020

Cyberpunk 2077 Next-gen: No launch on PS5 or Xbox Series X, despite release date delay

We found out yesterday that the hotly-anticipated RPG will not be making it's initial April launch date, pushing the launch date back to September 17, 2020.

This new release date is much closer to the release date of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but it has just been revealed that next-gen versions of the game are not currently planned.

Continue reading to hear exactly what the developers had to say in their letter to the fans.

CDPR has its reasons

A developer at CD Projekt Red wrote an open letter to the fans in an attempt to explain the controversial delay:

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We are currently at a stage where the game is complete and playable, but there's still work to be done. Night City is massive — full of stories, content and places to visit, but due to the sheer scale and complexity of it all, we need more time to finish playtesting, fixing and polishing."

And in an industry where 'crunch culture' is rife, we really can't blame the studio for wanting some more time.

The letter continued:

"We want Cyberpunk 2077 to be our crowning achievement for this generation and postponing launch will give us the precious months we need to make the game perfect.”

Granted this isn't the news we wanted, but we can take some positives from the delay.

The additional 5 months of time that has just added to the game's development will allow their team to apply a level of polish that stands in line with the studio's high standards.

Featuring on current-gen consoles

Following the announcement of the new release date, CD Projekt Red’s CFO Piotr Nielubowicz stated that:

PATIENCE: We're just going to have to wait a little longer before we can return to Night City

"As of right now, Cyberpunk is heading for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC. Nothing has changed in regard to those plans"

CEO Adam Kiciński added to this, saying:

"[The game] was always designed for [PS4 and Xbox One]. We are thinking about the next generation, but for now, we are focused on the current generation. That plan is still valid."

So, from the sounds of it, Cyberpunk 2077 could eventually make its way to next-gen, but it will definitely not be available upon launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X.