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Cyberpunk 2077: New content will feature at Taipei Game Show, 2020

The wait for Cyberpunk 2077 has felt like forever, but alas, the return to Night City has been delayed again. 

The sci-fi RPG was set to make it out for its April release date, but the game’s developer CD Projekt Red recently revealed that it is now coming in September 2020.

The latest trailers and gameplay have revealed some of the new features coming to Mike Pondsmith’s game, but now it seems like a host of new features are about to be revealed at an upcoming game show.

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Taipei Game Show, 2020

The Taipei Game Show will be held from 6-9 February and showcases the Chinese versions of upcoming AAA titles.

Taipei Game Show 2020 Cyberpunk
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It has been reported that CD Project Red is scheduled to show some new footage to the audience at the show.


The content that the studio will present at the Taipei game show is presumed to be “previously undisclosed content”, even though the release date was recently pushed back to September.

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The developers confirmed that the delay was implemented so that the game was "fully polished" to the standards expected of the studio.

It is still unclear what this new content could be, or if the studio plans to release another gameplay trailer.

Either way, we are delighted that their announcement will have nothing to do with the pushed-back release date.


The details of the content are unclear and we do not know if the company plans to display a trailer or more gameplay footage. Either way, these are exciting times if you are anticipating Cyberpunk 2077.

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