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WESG Finals: Poor playing and living conditions haunt attendees

Photo Credit: (WESG)

WESG's CS:GO finals are quickly becoming a notoriously bad event to attend. The tournament draws in big name teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas, FNATIC, MiBR, and ENCE year after year with a large prize pool, but with so many issues each year you have to wonder how long teams will endure the poor conditions before deciding the chance at big money is not worth it. For ENCE and NiP, the decision to not attend came after the group stages had already been drawn for this years tournament. Obviously, both teams had their own reasons for not attending that may have had nothing to do with WESG, but the problems from years past must have made the decision easier.

Here's a quick refresher on past issues at WESG. Fnatic won the 2017 event and after community backlash, due to a big delay on prize money being paid out, the WESG put out a statement passing the blame onto the teams for improperly filled out prize forms and even Chinese tax law.

Regarding the payment of prize money, rest assured, we are doing everything we can to complete the processes required. Plz coordinate with our staff to ensure the transactions go smoothly. We appreciate your understanding and patience.✉️Email for further help: prize@wesg.com pic.twitter.com/t1xuLAOdAR
— WESG (@WESGcom) July 17, 2018

 Unfortunately, this was the second major embarrassment for WESG that year after multiple players tweeted about the terrible living conditions at the hotel WESG had booked for them.

??? pic.twitter.com/3poXB9bT7f
— ScreaM (@ScreaM_) March 12, 2018

The accommodation issues have continued this year as well, apparently. OpTic Gaming's coach Casper "Ruggah" Due tweeted that the team had to change hotels the day they were due to play their group stage games. Apparently the hotel WESG had booked for the event, which also happens to be the venue for the group stage, was overbooked so some teams had to stay in a different hotel for the first two nights in Chongqing. How WESG overbooked the hotel even after multiple teams dropped from the event I will never know. 

Lost 2-0 to @valianceandco, both teams had a long day with changing hotels and playing 3xbo2’s and they kept their cool and were the better team, ggwp

— Casper Due (@casdueh) March 11, 2019 >

The poor conditions don't just stop at the hotel, unfortunately. According to multiple players, when sitting down to play your group stage games you're taking a gamble on what equipment will be provided. While some players might be playing on a more industry standard PC and monitor setup, a teammate or opponent might be playing on a completely inferior setup altogether. We're still yet to see what the playoffs, which will be played outdoors at Chongqing Olympic Sports Center, will be like, but so far WESG may be giving iBP Masters a run for its money as the worst event of 2019.