25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

SmithZz: "When you stop playing for a year there is a process for getting back to the top"

Photo Credit: (DreamHack) 

Do you think having a year when you were coaching instead of playing has given you a better understanding of how the team works? 

Yeah, of course. It has given me a great view of the old situation and has increased my game vision a lot. When you stop playing for a year there is a process for getting back to the top. Plus I have new positions and a new role. I think I am getting back in shape and becoming more consistent. 

Before there was a lot of community backlash. Have you learned to not pay attention or dealt with it differently?

I think there was a lot of criticism that was true. I wasn’t feeling very confident in my role as an AWP and I accepted it. I am playing rifle now and I think there will be fewer critics and I am taking them to build my strengths. 

I think when people think of the French scene and the fact that there are shuffles to occur. Do you think that another top team can emerge?

I think it can. This lineup like this we have never tried it like this. KennyS as a sniper and shox and Ex6tenz have never been in a team together with me. I think its new with roles accepted by every player and we have really good chemistry. We aim for the long term in some months I think we can show our real level. 


Do you think you are on the path to success? 

I don’t think we need a year, but in two or three months max our map pool will be deep enough?

Do you feel your major preparation went well?

We are pretty confident since the beginning we have only progressed. We are building really slowly with basic concepts. The Major is b01 elimination which is good for us because we do not have a deep map pool and we can prepare for certain maps more effectively. 

Are there any teams you are worried about facing? At ESL One Cologne you gave Astralis a solid run, but are you worried about them or other teams? 

The three teams that are pretty good against us are Astralis, FaZe, and Liquid. I think they operate solid and it will be hard to beat them in a best of 1. 

You played at ECS Finals in London a few months ago. How do you find UK crowds and fans? 

I think it's really good. I am used to playing in big stages and the crowds are amazing and it's good to play here.