25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

kioShiMa: "If we start practicing and putting more time into it, we could be able to beat [G2] and take the number one spot"

Photo Credit: (DreamHack)

Obviously they have changed the system for the minors by bringing them to the same city of the major, do you think that’s a positive change?

I guess it is. For me as a player it doesn’t really matter because wherever we go we just play and the place where we play doesn’t really matter. If we have good conditions where we play doesn’t matter.

Which team do you think is gonna be the biggest threat in this minor?

Literally everyone. Because we’re not really a team. We started practicing a week ago. We went to China, then we didn’t practice from China to the minor. We did the minor qualifier without practicing. And then coming here we have one week of preparation only. So literally everyone is a threat.

So 3DMAX is the other French team here, and a lot of people are unsure about them. Do you follow them and know what they’re about?

Not really. As I said, we didn’t play that much and we definitely didn’t play against them because we’re in the same group. I didn’t follow what they were doing, but when we play them they are doing really poorly. I don’t know if it’s the same now, because they’ve had a bootcamp, so they might have been progressing a lot or not at all. We will see at this tournament I guess. 


Obviously, you have no organization at the moment and are playing under LeftOut. With a lot of the legendary French organizations that have been around in the past, would you like to see some of them return potentially? Or would a new organization stepping into the scene be more interesting?

I think for us; we don’t want to have any organization right now, because it’s not gonna benefit us anyway. Because we qualified on our own, and if we join an organization right now, it’s just gonna benefit them and not us. Because they will have all the visibility and all the advertisement with the stickers and everything if we qualify. So since everything is being paid by FACEIT we don’t feel like we really need to have an organization right now. 

G2 made their changes and brought in Ex6TenZ and SmithZz while the superteam dissolved. Do you think there is potential for you to be the best team in France?

That’s a hard question. Because the way they practice and the way we practice is very different. They really practice to get better and to be the best team. At the moment we just practice for the minor, so we don’t really have a long-term goal like they have. But I guess if we start practicing and putting more time into it, we could be able to beat them and take the number one spot I think. 

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