25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

k0nfig " its fun to beat [compLexity] because we had a bit of beef and they are ex-teammates"

Photo Credit: (DreamHack)

Do you think the change to having the minor be in the same location as the major is a good change? 

I feel like its a good thing because you already know the setup for the group stage of the major and it is not something new like the hotel so I think its a good choice. 

Sprout who are majority Danish will be at the minor, North won DreamHack Valencia the other day do you think the Danish scene is at the strongest its ever been?

I think that when we had TSM/Dignitas the Danish scene was really strong because both teams were really good. Now we have Astralis, North, us, and Sprout and its getting better and better. We have a lot of talents in Denmark that will keep coming up. We have Fragsters who are really good too so the Danish scene will grow big and bigger. 

Your ex-teammates now on compLexity made it to the major through the NA minor, will that be an extra motivating factor to beat them on the major stage? 

I am going to try and beat every single team. I don't have bad feelings or hard feelings or bad things to say about compLexity, but its fun to beat them because we had a bit of beef and they are ex-teammates. 


Speaking of beef Smooya in BIG has had some things to say and has been vocal on twitter, (which is something that I am sure you can relate to) do you think that is something that should happen more?

I think it is funny when people are a little bit beefy before a final or semi-final.  I enjoy talking a bit of smack to people. Some take it super personally but I like it because it gets me super into the game so I like it a lot.

Who do you think is your biggest competitor at the Minor? 

Ence were really good at Cologne, but NiP is a team who are really good. They went down a bit but you never know what they can bring to the minor. I am not really scared but those are the ones I am thinking the most about. The other teams are really easy. 

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