25 Sep 2020 5:21 PM +00:00

Jumpy: "We will continue with Golden as the IGL and we won't do any changes to the lineup"

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Myst: First off congrats on your recent victories at IEM and WESG! How's it feel to bounce back after going 0-3 at Starladder?

Jumpy: Thank you! It feels amazing of course we had some big issues at Starladder and to come back and win 2 tournaments after playing our worst tournament since the new team was created that for us was really important for our confidence.

Myst: For sure, it was quite amazing to see Fnatic ascend to the top again! Now, a rumor surfaced a couple of days before WESG surrounding the roster change of Xizt for Golden. Can you clarify this rumor for everyone whether it was true?

Jumpy: We will continue with Golden as the IGL and we won't do any changes to the lineup.

Myst: Was there any talks regarding a roster change prior to IEM?

Jumpy: We had a lot of talks about what happened in Kiev within the team and it was more to highlight the problems we had and how to fix them, but our focus was on IEM Katowice and we went on winning that and WESG.After winning two tournaments one bigger than the other it seemed like our talks within the team worked and there is no reason to do a roster change after two good tournaments.


Myst: I'm glad everything worked out after all, you guys have shown a lot of up rise and promise over the last couple months. Another question I have is when you originally promoted Golden from the academy team and signed Lekr0 how confident were you and the guys that he could be the leader that the team needed? 

Jumpy: Well to be honest it was a bit of a gamble to take in Golden we knew that he'd been doing a good job in the academy team but to pick up an unexperienced IGL to be in charge of legendary players as flusha, krimz and JW you never know how he will handle that pressure. I think one of the reason for having an upward trend in form is because Golden learn from every tournament we had I still think he have more to learn but he's always getting better and have done a great job so far.

Myst: Was the addition of Golden one that everyone agreed on initially?  Or were there other options available to the team?

Jumpy: Everyone was onboard brining in Golden, but it was also not many players to choose from. I think Sweden right now lacks a lot of good IGLs and the new upcoming IGLs doesn't have those tier2-3 teams to gain experience in.

Myst: Yea it seems like apart from the Danish scene there is a lack of IGL's, especially here in NA. How much have you helped Golden grow over these last couple months regarding IGL and tactics?

Jumpy: Me and Golden have a really good relationship I've had a lot of talks with him about how to lead the team on the server and different tricks to use.  When it comes to the tactics me and Golden always meet up on a server, sometimes it's me that have strat I would like to implement sometimes it's him or sometimes we just make up a strat together. So, it's like we have long talks about how we want to play then we present it for the team and try it out in scrims.

Myst: Yea that sounds like a genuine good relationship between the two of you. I want to ask you what are your thoughts on the coaching role in CS:GO, do you think they should change the rules or keep them as they are now?

Jumpy: I'm ok with the rules as they are now but I think if a coach could be able to talk in freeze time would be the best. I think if you allowed the coach to talk in freeze time you could take down the tactical pauses to two per match. 

Myst: That's an interesting take on the rules, there is a lot of different opinions on it. Surely your team morale and confidence are very high right now, how far do you think this team can go in the future?


Jumpy: For sure it is. The top scene is really stacked with good teams at the moment and I think we can continue to be a big contender to win the big events and I think when we are on point we are a really tough team to beat. We have some stuff we need to work on to find more consistency I still think we can disappear some maps or matches but if we get that under control I think we will stay in the top3 for a long time. Our goal is to be the best team in the world.

Myst: Yea I think everyone is confident in your guys abilities in the future! Closing the interview do you have anything to say to your fans or any shoutouts?

Jumpy: I would like to thank all fans for their support in bad times and in good! And thanks to FNATIC and our sponsors for their support behind the scenes. And a special thanks to my brother (Magix) who has been a big supporter to me since I joined fnatic as a coach.

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